Anyone ran a 30t NW ring on a xt double?

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  • Anyone ran a 30t NW ring on a xt double?
  • hunty155

    I no the 30t race face NW is slightly offset but Is it enough not to chew the bolt tabs on the crank arms and give a decent chainline for 1×10.?

    Enlighten me STW!

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    I would expect to see some binding. Solutions are filing the tabs to make it fit or using some chainring spacers.


    I’m running a 32 on an SLX double with a 1.2mm spacer and I’ve also beveled the tabs slightly. Couldn’t find the depth if the offset on the 30t anywhere as wanted to refer to this rather than guessing the spacing (which I had to do and found .6mm not enough once chain got dirty).

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    WT narrow/wide 30T here.
    Works no problem at all. Can’t see the RF ring being any different.

    2013_0414Fatback0007 by multispeedstu, on Flickr

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    Running 30t NW Raceface ring on std Deore 2 x 10 chain set. No issues with chain line or clearance to stay.


    No modifications required on my M970 XTR crank to run the 30t RaceFace ring; bolt up and ride off.

    Works perfectly.


    Cheers for the replies guys.

    Richard – how much is the offset on the chainring roughly??

    Monkey Boy

    I emailed Race Face about this, the offset is 2mm

    I’m running on SLX m665 cranks with no problems.


    M675 double with no issue

    I’m running m675 with a work components ring, ordered some 2.5mm spaces to try and stop it rubbing on the tabs, due to having no offset like the raceface rings have!

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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