Anyone play a musical instrument? If yes, then what do you play?

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  • Anyone play a musical instrument? If yes, then what do you play?
  • Well, do ya?

    To kick things off, I play the tenor saxophone. Because it makes the ladies go weak at the knees!

    I play the guitar, cos I like the noise they make and it hides my beergut.


    classical guitar because I can speak whilst I play.

    Played piano, keyboard and organ, not for a few years though now.

    I play the drums, but my mate nicked my kit so haven’t for a while. Also got a guitar, but can’t play too well.

    Piano, tin whistle and…

    …bagpipes 🙂

    drums primarily.

    I can also play guitar and bass, a bit. but never in public


    guitar on and off for 30 years, and still crap, want to buy a piano, girlfriend plays flamenco guitar and demanding that she teaches me.

    Pretty much anything brass (trumpet, tenor horn, trombone) although I’m currently a euphonium player.
    Also OK-ish at guitar. Left hooker as well, so I upset the feng-shui of your average garage band.


    grade 8 euphonium!

    Guitar. Harmonica (properly with bendy notes and all 8) ) Used to be good at the violin. Tried and failed the trombone.

    buffalo drum
    jews harp
    guitar (a few chords)
    Rowland Groovekeyboard

    My CD comes out in a few weeks. I’ll let you guess which instruments I’ll be playing 🙂 And as a hint it wont have my legendary cover version of Wonderwall on it 😯

    And it was a long time ago when I played sax!

    img038 by simon ralli, on Flickr


    Seggons- Also Grade 8 Euphonium for me!

    Mainly play Trombone in Jazz/Big Bands atm. Can play almost all Brass Instruments.


    this is me:

    Premier Icon BlobOnAStick


    For 9 months now.

    Gonna stop soon – my fingers are killing me 😀

    c’est moi


    Guitar mainly

    Bit of bass, keys and daw

    another hitter of the Skins here

    Premier Icon NZCol

    Drums and guitar – drums quite well but a bit antisocial and guitar as a byproduct of playing in bands. Quite enjoy fiddling with the guitar of an evening.


    I mainly play bass, though I can play guitar reasonably and keys a bit. I also end up doing all sorts of wacky stuff like Samba drumming as part of my job. 🙂


    Bagpipes here, have played for years, gave up for a while when I lived in Englandshire. Good fun to play and they are so **** loud that people have to listen to you. Might also acount for my tinnitus mind.

    The pipeband i’m in are a great bunch, we’re off to france to play at a carnival in a couple of weeks, mucho drinking to be done!


    my dad bought a banjo and i got quite into that for a while, great fun.

    Played guitar and harp (mooth organ) in several semi-serious bands over the years but now just turn up for the odd buskers’ night. Wee bit of tin whistle and remnants of classical training in fiddle…

    Jaws harp is not an instrument 🙂 ^^^

    Jaws harp is not an instrument

    I know some people who would beg to differ 🙂




    Marin County, Cali

    Been using this avatar for some time now here. In addition to playing guitar in a couple of bands, I was a roadie for the same rock band from 1968 until about a year ago when I decided not to make a career out of it.


    Oh yeh – you can hear me play bass in my band here 🙂


    Used to play clarinet, bass clarinet & tenor sax in a jazz band when I was at school (Brent Youth Jazz Band).
    We used to do OK at competitions and stuff, but I was never all that good. I used to find practising boring.

    Bit of a shame really, as I would like to pick the sax up again but have probably forgotten it all. Must be 15 years since I played it….!


    5 string banjo, badly.


    I used to be fairly profficient at the bassoon (Grade 7) – but I’ve not touched it in a decade..


    Used to be pretty reasonable on the Cornet (Grade 8, principal cornet for a few Brass Bands) but could also turn my hand to most other Brass instruments. Also play the Didgeridoo, the guitar (very badly), the eukelele (ditto) and the triangle.

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