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  • Anyone painted their own carbon frame? Or used paint?
  • simply_oli_y
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    As above really. Need to do a small repair to my other half’s bike. This will result in a patch. Whilst I could just get the same colour and blend it in, I thought it may be a good opportunity To go wild and do something different.

    Undecided between using a mix of 2K and 1K paint, or the range that seem to crop up.

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    What’s the repair? I’d be interested to see your finished results prior to paint. Most carbon repairs I’ve seen tend to look like a bodge job, it’d be good to see a home repair that looks tidy.

    As for painting, no idea, but if you’re the patient type I imagine you’ll get reasonable results.

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    I’m having this exact dilemma just now. $500 minimum for a spray shop to do the work, probably pushed upwards with additional colors/decals etc. And well upwards for a respected bike painter.
    I’ve stripped, repaired and prepped my frame and just need to make the call on what to use. have a clear carbon primer. OOS over here but still available in the UK I think.
    I initially wanted to do clear prime, translucent black to the decal areas to make the weave pop then solid color elsewhere with 2k lacquer over top. Paint incompatibility is the big concern though.

    The local spray shop would hit it with epoxy primer and I think there’s a reasonable chance they’d do a good job based on their other (non bike) work. Auto painters would probably throw too much paint at it. Perhaps a specialist bike painter would be my better option… but I’m cheap 😉

    here’s one of my my repairs. repair

    Browsing for inspiration, these guys pop up.. amazing stuff.

    Oh yes, and if you do want to DIY, I have really enjoyed watching ETOE on youtube.

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    @BearBack – have you talked to Roberts Composites in North Van? They do repairs and resprays…

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    I did a while back for a touchup to a color concept Genius. Whilst I’ve seen his carbon repair work and its exceptionally good, his paint response wasn’t what I’d hoped.
    However, I understand his painter may actually be an independent business paints for Troy Lee.
    Thanks for the nudge, that’s reminded me to reach out.

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    @forked It’s got some grazing down the logo on the down tube (Just cosmetic). And an upside down V crack near where the top tube turns To the top side of the tube. Where it’s a bit of a soft spot. Will be functionally strong. Layered up by patches. May not be the most cosmetically perfect pre finish. But aiming to be factory finish after (providing I can paint it properly!)

    I can’t stand the repairs where it appears to have just had a bandage of carbon wrapped round.

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    Another repair finished, frame knifed, wet sanded and masked. Booth built and 2k epoxy primed.
    Choosing colors and design is still making my head hurt though

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    colours done and got a first coat of 2k *satin* clear coat on today. I can’t however find out if I can/should sand back and 2nd coat of a sating clear.
    Per our man above Martin Grey (ETOE) gloss clear needs sanding to level out the decals.. I want to do the same.
    Will it work??.. finish is great now but I want to make it better, not ruin it!


Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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