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  • Anyone owned an ’05/’06 Enduro and now has ’07/’08 SL?
  • If so, how do they compare?

    I’m thinking of getting rid of my ’06 as I want something lighter. I know general concensus is that the ’06 is a better bike, but (fork/shock issues aside), how do they compare?

    Looking at the Pro (carbon) btw.


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    The SL feels more flimsy than the 06 – the fork is great when it works, but not much better than a Fox Float 36.

    The SL is lighter and a better climber, but the 06 still edges it on the downs. And if you get the SL you become concerned about weight again!

    S’up to you.

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    I had an 06 SX Trail which I sold back in November. Had it built with Fox 36 Van RC2’s, DHX5, Saint, XTR, Mavic 729’s. Probably weighed 35-36lbs i suppose. Was an amazing bike and for 2 years I used it for abit of everything, however, my riding’s become more xc / trail orientated over the past 18 months or so and it wasn’t being ridden so much so I sold it before xmas.

    I’ve replaced it with an Enduro SL Pro, put some Roval Traversee wheels on it and have replaced the e150 forks with some 09 RS Lyrik U Turn Coils. It weighs approx 27.5lbs. Am very, very happy with the SL, replacing the forks has made a big difference, the coil Lyriks are much better imo.

    It’s not quite as settled downhills as the SX Trail but I can certainly hammer it without any concerns. I’ve found the frame nice and stiff but not sure I’d want to be doing larger drops and some dh stuff like on the SX tho. My SL certainly climbs much more quickly than the SX Trail!!

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