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  • Anyone own two of the same bike?
  • AlasdairMc

    I’ve got a geared 2012 Salsa El Mariachi, and I fancy getting a singlespeed of some sort for around a grand. I want to be able to run it tubeless, and it needs to be steel and rigid. The El Mariachi SS seems to be the one that best fits my needs.

    Am I mad to buy the same bike again?

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    At one point I had two giant xtc carbon frames built up. One as a 2×9 and the other as a single speed.
    The frames fitted me really well and I enjoyed riding them so didn’t see any issues with having more than one 🙂

    If you like the frame then buy another.


    I have two bontragers, one race and one privateer does that count? because i could.


    I have two Rocky Mountain blizzards, one ridgid one not. If you like the frame, why not?


    Thanks, so it’s not just me.

    My El Mar at the moment is 2×9 rigid, but I was going to put a fork on there anyway, and I’m not riding anything that warrants a bigger bike anymore so another steel hardtail makes the most sense to me.


    I still have both my limited 853 inbreds

    SS and geared. Use them both. Geared is slicked for commuting. SS for all othe stuff

    Love em

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    I have two Stumpjumper M2s. One MTB guise with suspension forks, gears; one with rigid fork, drop bars, fixed gear setup for blasts round local road routes.

    Have a Peregrine, which may be compromised in the mech hanger, seriously considering (if that is the case) getting another to take on the geared road touring role.


    i have 2 x ibis mojos
    1 x hd 160
    and 1 x naked carbon set up as a lighter weight full suss, comes in at 27lb
    i wouldnt like to sell either.
    im like it with cars too.
    i have 2 grand cherokees and 2 jaguar XJRs 🙁

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    I have to Kona lava domes: 97 rigid, v brakes and a 2005 with bouncy forks and discs love them both though the 2005 gets ridden a lot more

    MTB Rob

    I know a many riders who have two of the “same bike” but most are for “racing or training”,
    Riders who are into Cyclo cross,
    Rider who are into 12 and 24 hour racing and (not just the top riders)
    Road riders/racers

    Most are same frame, to keep contact points the same etc, but gen one bike is a better spec be it groupset or wheels etc, most will use “best” one for racing and the other for training etc.

    If you like the ride of a bike why not have 2.


    We have a disc and a non-disc Tricross and we have a Roubaix SL3 and a Roubaix SL4.

    I had two Cove HJs. Ironically one I liked and the other I didn’t.


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    I’ve got two Singular Hummingbirds – one singlespeed with rigid forks and the other with an 8 speed Alfine and SC32’s.

    Oh, and my wife has one as well, so that’s three really I suppose….

    I have, I’ve got 2 Surly KM’s however ones a 16 and ones an 18, broke the chainstay on the 18 and bought the 16 as a cheap SH replacement before I got the other one fixed. Little one is SS and the big one fixed.


    I have two old Cannondales, but not quite the same


    Wow, quite a response. Thanks for confirming I’m not mad.

    I would try to keep the bikes relatively similar in terms of grips, saddles etc, but one is specifically being bought for mud plugging and winter filth so I suppose there has to be a limit.


    i met a guy who had 3 orange fives.

    A normal one first; then built a burly one for the alps, then built a super light one for racing.


    I’ve got two Salsa Casserolls. Old gold one and the newer blue one.

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