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  • Anyone own an Onkyo av amp?
  • Premier Icon jwt
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    Re the tile really, just wanted to ask on something other than a ‘tech/hifi’ forum, does anyone own the above or similar onkyo’s ,and was it worth the cash?
    (he says eyeing up some unused bike bits………. :?:)

    Premier Icon silverside
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    no, but i know onykos are supposed to be ok but denons are better… any half decent seperate av amp is very impressive and can be got cheaply second hand – i got a denon avr 3803 for 200 quid s/hand and the equivalent model was about 1k new…

    Premier Icon Hairychested
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    My mate does and it sounds awful. Cannot power proper floorstanders, sounds flat and boring. For audio I prefer Rotel, home cinema – Denon. Given a choice I’d skip Onkyo and chose Marantz, but that’s just me.

    Premier Icon CountZero
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    A mate was going to get the Onkyo after reading lots of good reviews, but ended up getting a Denon that had just been announced, which was £50 more at £650, which he paired with a set of Kef 5.1 speakers and a huge Marantz upscaling DVD
    player that weighed more than the amp. With £350 worth of QED cables the sound is stunning!
    Go for the Denon.

    Premier Icon Ashley
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    I have the "Basic" Onkyo amp and have had it a few years. It replaced a Denon one that was not keeping up with the times and yes the Denon sounded better but the Onkyo is still very good and better than my mates Yamaha system and far better than the grouped systems from Sony and the like.

    I use some 15 year old Kef Cresta 5 Floor standers, and a mix match of other speakers with only okayish cables – so that part of the system is much weaker anyway and needs money spent on it.

    I was watching Mamma Mia on Bluray through the PS3 connected via HDMI to the Onkyo last night and it was okay – but for some reason Pierce Brosnen sounded like a stangled cat 😆

    Premier Icon Daffy
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    I’ve got an Onkyo TX NR9005 – and it’s amazing. I’ve got it matchd to a set of Tannoy Arena speakers and it’s simply stunning.

    TXH surround sound, does video upscaling FAR better than any of the Denons.

    They really are stunning, Buy from Richersounds.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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