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  • Anyone own an Audi Q7?
  • I like big 4×4 motors – end of, so please don’t turn this into a hippy love-in.

    Sometime in the next year or so, I may get one in addition to my work pick-up.

    Quite fancy a Range Rover and quite nice ones can be had for £15k, but seem to have problems, so I turned my attention to the Q7.

    You can get a fully loaded 4.2 V8 diesel in S-Line trim for £15k if you don’t mind it approaching 100k (shouldn’t be an issue with a serviced Audi diesel) – £50k motor, 0-60 in 6.4s, 150mph, high 20’s mpg.

    So, anyone had one and thoughts?

    No, but a client does and he can’t wait to be shot of it.

    Runnings costs are what you need to look into I think.


    A few footballers and the occasional “celebrity” hairdresser?

    Get a quattro!!


    Actually, out of interest, have you looked into the running costs? Insurance, tyres (mileage dependent of course), VED, mpg? What did it come out as on a monthly basis?

    No, dd – not looked into it yet, but wouldn’t be doing many miles tbh – 4k pa maybe. Wouldn’t have one as a daily runner.

    Oh roight…

    My client’s was the “family car” and he just said the monthly running costs were a bit eye-watering but that’s pretty subjective I suppose.


    These things are usually cheap for a reason….


    Guy at work has one. Loves driving it, loves the room, loves the finish, hates parking it, hates fuelling it, hates replacing the tires every 10k.


    You want the V12 tdi.

    Actually no, the V6 or V10 are just fine.

    Couple of colleagues have had them, but their commutes were short so running costs did not bother them so much.

    Tuareg V10 or Cayenne as an alternative?

    Looked at the Toerag W10 5.0l but not as refined inside, smaller and slower for some reason. Don’t fancy the older Cayennes – they ugly.

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    Even on low miles, I bet you would see some shocking bills….

    I wouldn’t be looking at Range Rovers and Q7’s if I wasn’t prepared to pay a bit for running them tbh ^^ 😉

    I do 35-40k pa in my work truck and this would be a weekend runner/maybe go to look at the odd job – Mrs doesn’t drive.

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    Go bling, or go home…


    Not much bigger than an A6 estate in the back, tow boats well though 😀

    I would have had TAFKAS down as a matt black man myself. 😀

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    If you squint, ^^ looks like a Volvo XC somethingoranother.


    I had one for two weeks on loan after my A5 was going in for the n+1th time it had something wrong with it.

    I felt it was just a shade too big, like it was Audi looking at the competition and deciding all it had to do to complete was make it a foot larger in every direction, driving wise it was a bit of a blunt instrument, could almost feel the rubber trail the front wheels were leaving on every corner. If you want to feel you’re basically driving a truck though or need the space, it might suit.

    Driven ML320/350, they are nice and handle well, and of course the X5, which drives very well. I also really quite like the look of some Grand Cherokees.


    I have a A6 Avant quattro – and it is a barge
    I cannot imaging what the ruining costs are like on the Q7 – which is the A6 on stilts.
    And they are not a drivers car ….

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    If I did I’m not sure I would admit to it on here 😉


    BUHAHAHAHA. I LOVE these things. they sum up everything wrong with the world

    I just dont get it. If you MUST buy a big german willy extension (which i think is silly, but its a free country), why would you get a fat-mess-tank over a Tourer/fast estate?

    Premier Icon bigjim

    and the award for most STW thread of the year goes to…


    My sisters other half has that very motor artist. It is rapid and feels much quicker than the stated figures. He has had several incidents when towing the caravan, actually forgetting its attached, and subsequently setting off a bit quick. Sister not happy when all the pots and pans are everywhere on arriving at destination.


    A mate had one and couldn’t wait to get rid if it. Tyre wear was frightening and £200 a corner.
    To put this into perspective he’s really notat all scared of running costs and is now on his 3rd RS6.

    It is a little known fact that the “Q” in Q7 is short for”Qunt”.

    What about an X5?

    Just looking on their website at maintenance costs and they’re not that bad for a £50k+ car

    …..although if you buy a car like that and running costs are a concern you’ve bought the wrong car 😉


    I wouldnt bother the image has been ruined by footballers and Z list celebrities.

    Far too big/wide to be enjoyable to drive must be like trying to punt a barge round the streets.

    A Q5 would be a better allrounder or for a good investment get a Merc G-wagen.

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    The Q7 is a nice car for wafting up and down motorways but running costs are extremely high even for this type of car.

    I’d be looking at an ML or a Volvo XC90.

    Yep, XC90 would be my pick of that sort of car. (Am looking in to buying one myself, as it happens)


    We had one up until about a year ago. The 3.0 tdi model.

    There’s no way you’ll get high 20’s from the 4.2. Ours did around 23mpg although we did manage to get it up to 28mpg on 130 mile trip once. The demo one we had did 17 for the day we had it although that was mainly urban driving.

    Running costs weren’t too bad when we had it, set of tyres for the 21” wheels are about 1k, servicing is reasonable and tax was £490 for ours.

    Ours did break a lot though. Windows stopped working, air con stopped working (£2k bill for that but luckily audi paid 90% of it), electric tailgate stopped working and a few other minor faults.

    Would I have another? No. Changed it for an 3.0 tdi A6 avant which is much better.


    3.0 tdi A6 avant which is much better.

    Ohh yes, loving mine – with the steptronic gearbox and that lovely V6 roar, you can almost believe it’s a petrol engine. And 0-60 in 6.4 secs 🙂

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