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  • Anyone own a LBS?
  • thepodge

    read this issue of the mag.

    i would suggest its best to stay well clear. the term money pit comes to mind

    Interesting idea.


    I don’t own one but would think the biggest problem would be starting up costs as you know good bikes and stock can be expensive.

    Other concern I would have is getting the big names like Specialized allowing you to be an authorised dealer. Without this you really can’t sell their stuff as you need to get their ok to ensure that any Warranty is valid.

    also not a great time to start a business as you know but in other ways it is. Banks are following over each other for new small businesses after the governments buy out scheme has now forced them to lend. Speak to a local business enterprise as you might be able to get a start up grant.

    Sorry this might be stuff you already know and have thought of but was just something that came to mind when I read this.

    Premier Icon judderman

    Dont do it! Theres no money whatsoever in it; everyone buys of the internet. Everyone slags you off no matter how honest you are, or how good your intentions are (Jas). There’s a recession on, the large online companies can sell bikes and parts cheaper than a LBS can buy wholesale, shop rents are still going up even though there are more and more empty shops! ‘coarse if your going to do it for the fun and love……..


    struggling at the moment with the economic downturn

    So are many other people unfortunately, so now probably isn’t the best time to sink money into opening a bike shop.


    I wouldn’t fancy it. Just look at the way people react on here when they don’t get 20% off just for walking through your door, and then compare the prices on CRC or wherever to those in your LBS.

    And that’s on top of the drawbacks of any job that involves dealing with the general public.


    If you can answer all of these questions with a yes then go for it:

    1. Can you sell parts cheaper than any internet site?
    2. Can you build service and maintain any bike or product?
    3. Can you drink 2 litres of tea per day?
    4. Do you have a large cycling population in the area of the planned shop?
    5. Do you like working 60+ hour weeks?

    If i was you i’d get a 9-5 that pays and live for the weekends/evenings.


    In addition to the above, if you can bite your tongue when after explaining that a customers bike is proper fuct, they reply ‘I’m an engineer you know….’ then proceed to tell you how easy it should be to fix, you’ll be fine.

    Seriously, if you like bikes, dont bother. Maybe i just worked for a total **** though….


    Not a chain or anything
    Was over at a mates last night, bith of us struggling at the moment with the economic downturn etc as we are both in construction (well I was till christmas but have been unemployed since), so thinking of things to do that would be interesting and fun, and one of the things that came up was to start up a bike shop. So where does one start? Is it worth it?

    This is one of a few ideas but my GF thinks it would be good to do something I enjoy (I was very bored at work before I got the boot). I have many reservations about it all, but to be honest dont know a huge amount about it and would be good to get some input from someone who knows all about it. I know the obvious thing is to work in a bike shop to start with but round here most shops are run by 1 bloke and so there are no opportunities

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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