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  • anyone opening an A&L account anytime soon? (free money content…)
  • woffle

    If anyone is planning to open a Premier account with Alliance and Leicester then let me know and if you put me down as your 'referrer' we both get to share £50 – so you get £25. It's a 'free' account btw, no monthly charges, decent overdraft rates etc.

    (for what it's worth we've been with them for over a year now and they come thoroughly recommended – head and tails above our experiences with LloydsTSB / HSBC)

    Just thought it might be worth a punt

    Sorry to disagree with you, but I've had an A&L account for years and since becoming part of the Santander, they've become awful.

    Only one branch now, in the entire city where I live, agressive pushing of their in-branch self-serve machines and long ques at the only two cashiers windows, have lead me to seriously consider closing my account now.

    My local A&L suck !.




    A&L are pathetic, I had an account with them for a while and had quite a few issues. Transfers even between A&L accounts take far too long and customer service is very poor. I changed to First direct who have been excellent and better than A&L in every way a bank can be.


    Or if people use a cashback site like Quidco then they get the whole £50 referral bonus to themselves 🙂

    Premier Icon PePPeR

    I was also going to comment about them now being part of the Santander group, and I really can not see the services they provide improving in the future, since Santanders take over of Abbey the services they provide have deteriorated badly.


    Fair enough! 😯

    For what it's worth I think it's hard to find anyone with consistent service, it really does seem to be subjective to individuals – my Sister has just moved from First Direct to A&L after having nothing but trouble since they set her accounts (which is why we ruled them out along with previous experience of most of the high street banks). Seems the case with everything from Energy supplier to banks – we're having horrendous grief from Scottish Power but my parents swear by them.

    A&L do also offer (or did) decent 'switching' offers – I think we got £100 for moving as well as a referral bonus…

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