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  • Anyone on Sammy Slicks?
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    I have these on my commuter (half road/half bridleway commute). They are great! Even OK for a bit of singletrack.


    Thinking of using these on my commuter/tourer anyone got any experience?

    p.s. okay so I can’t make my mind up!


    Smart Sam are much better on the cx bike than I thought, recommended if you think you’ll be doing some off road too


    ive used them this year, they are good on tarmac, roll fast, okish off road, but my biggist gripe, they dont last very long, the centre tread soon wears down to bare rubber, and then they start to get a bit sketchy, also not that puncture resistant either, ive gone back to a specialized crossroads armadilo on the back,there really bombproof and last ages, but there heavy, but no problems for me, they keep you fit, i use a kenda small block 8 on the front

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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