Anyone on here live in Kelowna?

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  • Anyone on here live in Kelowna?
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    We moved from England to Calgary 6 years ago but have always been on the fence about going to BC, just wondering if anyone had any input who lives there, particularly interested in schools best communities etc and a general feel for the life there

    Thanks in advance


    One of my flat mates is from Kelowna, but she’s just gone off on holiday for the next two months, so not so easy to ask her. I’ll see what I can do though.


    I’ve driven through it a few times and stayed in Westbank. Doesn’t strike me as a cultural paradise, for good or bad. Always feels like you are driving through a 20km shopping mall…. Good mountain biking in the area and no shortage of wineries and fresh fruit…. Probably better than Calgary though 😀


    Doesn’t strike me as a cultural paradise

    Me neither but Bolton wasn’t either lol
    its the quality of lifestyle we are looking for


    Yup. Living there now. Great mountain biking. Great geography. Really, really ugly 20-km long strip mall. Send me an email (mine’s in my profile) and we can chat.

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    We lived in Calgary a few years ago but back in Scotland now. Some of our Calgary friends have moved to Kelowna and absolutely love it there.
    Haven’t had the chance to visit them but will do one of these days. It looks fantastic with amazing biking, skiing etc.
    I had the chance to apply for a job there last year and still really wish I had applied. But our kids are in high school and we couldn’t face the disruption it would have caused them.
    Maybe one day…

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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