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  • Anyone on here do mountain boarding ?
  • Mounty_73

    Does anyone on STW do or has tried mountain boarding ?

    Just surfing the net, looking for new hobbies/interests etc and mountain boarding has caught my eye 😉


    Tried it once, quite a laugh, looked into getting some boards for the kids some time back but never got round to it. Go to one of the places they hire boards out & see how you get on.


    I used to, its really fun… Have you done snowboarding, wakeboarding etc? Its quite similar to those.

    I stopped as I knocked myself out, and decided to just do mtbing, but i dont think it is anymore dangerous than mtb's.

    Yeah, spent most of uni dabbling with four wheels.

    I didn't go in for the tricks and jumping, just for carving big slopes and trying to get down singletrack stuff in one piece.

    Really enjoyed the challenge of getting down steep nasty things with no brakes, you had to stay really low and make loads of tactical little carves to keep the speed in check.

    Couldn't be arsed stopping and walking back up to the top though so I gave it up, same reason I gave up DH really…


    I have – it's hilarious. jumping over puddles, molehills, stumps, gouging chunks out of the local pitchnputt greens with your nobblies, sliding flat on your back down a muddy slope strapped onto a giant skateboard 😉
    get one

    Never did anything serious on mine, too flat round here. But my son used to love riding standing between my legs when he was 4 on some gentle grassy slopes locally.

    I did rig up a windsurf sail on mine once but there wasn't enough wind that day. Must try again.


    There were 4 or 5 folk walking up the hills behind me on Sunday…looked middle-aged guys trying to talk all teenage and get with the lingo and all that…looked quite amusing but they did look like they knew what they were doing once on the boards…just the behaviour off the boards was very funny indeed.


    I have one that I use with my kites but TBH without a form of traction is't just too damn fast downhill and with no way to stop or turn quickly I wasn't too keen. Seems far more dangerous and far more out of control IMO, but that's from someone without any tuition just playing at it.


    I used a MBR 16 still have it in perfect condition No scratches
    underneath, and comes with leash and instruction booklet and tool.
    £ 70 quid if you want it.

    MBR sell a back brake for this board.

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