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  • Anyone on here based in France/Belgium? Bike jumble / SH help request.
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    I’m looking for something particular, an older SH bike that I think I’ll only find in Europe. It’s for a personal project, to do some work on getting an older bike restored.

    If anyone here is passing bike jumbles there or knows of an equivalent of STW classifieds for french road bikes I’d appreciate a few pointers. My french is good enough to find a few so far, and bad enough to have got lost in a load of interesting but distracting French bike club websites )

    Thanks – and a ‘no time wasting guarantee’ )

    james.olsen.remote at

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    Have you looked at or posted on

    They have a number of European members and an active retro / vintage road forum and classifieds section. Also v friendly!

    Road forum:

    Road whole bike classifieds:

    It’s a great site / community.

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    Thanks Markie, I have but nothing’s come up, not looked for a little while so will have another trawl. I’m hoping to find something that could later be a retrobike example project but is more of a blank canvas (or rusted tube) for now, but we’ll see. What I want is more tourer than classic Merckx or Master X-lite so less appeal to retrobike crowd I think.

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    I’d start a post in the Road section of Retrobike. They are a helpful bunch, with a lot of European mainland members. And +1 to Markies comment they (we) are a friendly bunch 😀

    What are you after? 😀

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    Retrobike post done, been a member / lurker there for years )
    Love the bikes posted on there, nostalgia over the MTBs and wallet-aching wants over some of the road bikes.

    After a randonneur bike, have a trip in mind and thought a classic bike would be a nice project over the winter as well. Something to get my long road ride mojo up.

    ianv, thanks, been checking le bon coin but not seen the others, ta.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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