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  • Anyone not riding today?
  • loddrik
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    What’s your excuse?

    Mine…. I am recovering from a dislocated shoulder although there doesn’t seem to be a whole lot of recovering going on. Bloody depressing it is too.

    What a great day to be out.

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    i was out on the bmx yesterday!!

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    not riding either.

    need to see Mothers
    need to start some decorating

    looks nice out though 🙁

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    Yep Im not riding today.

    Rarely if ever ride on the Malverns at the weekend, let alone when the suns out and it’s wall-to-wall trippers. I have the luxury of riding during the week if I want to when I can have the hills to myself.

    Rolling the lawn today and other assorted wife-directed garden duties.

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    full of cold and need to do the decking today or the missus will kill me.

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    I was going to take the Mrs and little one out for a meal at the local Italian tonight, but just managed to persuade her that a bike ride on the canal into Skipton for a pub lunch would be a lot better idea!

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    tonsil-****-itis – what makes it worse is just finished build of new bike (Pace RC305) on Fri – been sat looking at it all weekend…

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    Im not out today!!! just sold bike and wished i had’nt.

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    Loddrik, how long since you dislocated your shoulder?, i did mine in July and it still isn’t 100%, doc says 2 years for all nerve damage to fingers to recover, are you getting physio?

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    3 weeks, have an appointment to see physio tomorrow. I am really hoping he will tell me I will be right as rain soon with no need for surgery…..

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    Was out Friday and will be out tomorrow but its family time today

    @PL – All finished then?

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    Not out today, but did a cracking 48 km round Swinley yesterday, absolutely fantastic conditions over there.

    Might give the 36’s their 15 hr service today 😉

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    done my back in 23 days ago, new bike arrived 22 days ago its driving me mad just looking at it,had 4 sessions with physio and 4 with chiropractor its no better at all, but my wallet is £300 quid lighter and havent been to work either and thats not going down well.
    ironically i have ridden a hardtail all my life, and thought i would order a full sus to take the sting out of my bones at trail centres, never had any back trouble till the day i ordered it!!!

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    I’m at work again and to make it worse I can see most of the Quantocks out the window 😥

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    Don’t think I’ll be out. Got an exam tomorrow I need to do a lot of studying for.

    Luckily though I managed my first midweek ride of the year on Wednesday.

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    Not out here either : Mixture of mothers day duties,tip run,fence panel painting & prep for an interview on Tuesday…& its beautiful in Shropshire today aswell 😥

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    Not out – horrifically chesty, rattly cough leaving me really short of breath. Also still fighting off mid-week cold.

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    rode yesterday and Friday…
    having a nice lazy sunday tbh!

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    Mothers day so we have 8 people round for dinner. Which means no riding for me. Not too bad though as I did Snowdon yesterday.

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    Rode friday and really struggled , got up saturday feeling crap , full of cold etc ….
    Had planned to ride the long mynd today , but illnees stops play !

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    I’m not riding… trying to score some brownie points for next weekends all day session in the peaks

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    Not riding today either … on-call and been in to work already ! 🙁

    Looking forward to day off Friday – going to Dalby ! 🙂

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    Not me, either.
    I fell off & hit my ribs yesterday, and find even walking difficult today.

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    very unlikely for me. Wife asked me to take her down to her mum’s grave at the last minute and my mum is coming over this afternoon. I’ll maybe go out for a night ride after everyone has gone home.

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    stuck in doing diy after putting it off since christmas.and she’s still giving me it any wonder i want to be out riding all the time 🙁

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    my excuse is back and shoulder ache after fitting my exhaust yesterday on me back

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    Didnt go out yesturday as it took me 20mins to get 1/2 mile down the road, let alone out of town!

    Might get out for a local loop for a hour later, but got lots of Uni work to do. Sending work of for a Design competition (YCN) on Wednesday

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    Me, nursing my aching ribs 🙁

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    Recovering from 30 miles in the Forest of Bowland and 4 hours on the home brew watching rugby.

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    Got a hangover from this

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    Gardening today. Far too nice to be riding 🙂

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    Ive had a photoshoot, but i may try and squeeze a little riding in before going to see my mum for mothers day.

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    20 cans of this stuff.

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