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  • Anyone moved from clipless to flats?
  • johnx2

    Match to frame…

    (editing – why didn’t that work – weird – can see pics on my phone, not on work laptop)

    …agree with all the comments about how you actually have to (re)learn how to ride properly.

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    Not sure if this is a counter argument, or just showing that I’m a luddite but, having read so many of these types of threads and subsequently tried flats (V10s and 2FO shoes) for a few rides – I always return to clips.

    The thought process is that I’d like to be able to mess about with wheelies, manuals and general messing around occasionally. Doing this with clips is asking for trouble and most of my rides don’t really warrant these techniques, so it is just for messing about on.

    However after 30 yrs+ of SPDs, releasing and placing my feet is very much second nature and I wouldn’t hesitate on any trail just because I have my feet clipped in.

    When going onto flats, the shoe to pedal grip is immense and I have trouble telling myself I can get my foot off the pedal rather simply in tough situations. Sounds very strange and counter to what most imagine but I feel more connected to the bike with flats and thus get nervous and cock things up.

    Not sure this is just me being a tit or if others have felt this. Personally I get fed up with it after a few rides and then put the clips back on. I know perseverance is needed but I just don’t seem to be able to stick with the damn things. 🙁


    I switched just before a trip to see jedi bike skills. He tought me that the pedal should be in the centre of the shoe and you dont really need to dip your heel. You use you knees to absorb and tge movement needed to hop should be enough so that you don’t need to lift at the pedals.

    Never lost my footing after this but i missed being clipped in when on bumpy flat sections and also found myself dabbing more on steep stuff because it was easier. I also found it annoyingbto place your foot in the correct position when climbing.

    I returned to clips. Prefer it for xc and hardtail but my ability to pop off things is now turd again which id say is tge biggest gain with flats.

    Premier Icon molgrips

    Depends on the bike or the riding innit. Flats for tech, clips for miles.

    I use both.


    I’m thinking flats for my Krampus, I do run Candy pedals on my Vaya which I prefer for long rides and climbing.

    Premier Icon garage-dweller

    Pretty much ditched the SPD’s a couple of years ago.

    The best thing I did was get some proper stiff and sticky flat pedal shoes (5-10s in my case). Normal trainers and cut price skate shoes are NOT the answer.

    I’ve got some lovely NS bikes flats on my good bike and a set of £25 Wellgo ones on the winter/riding with kids/taking on holiday hardtail. Both work fine but the Wellgo ones rattle like a box of rusty spanners!

    I’m not hucking stuff to power of gnarr squared just going out and riding.

    Best move I ever made after a few months learning to drop my heels and improve my pedal stroke to compensate.

    No weird disco slippers, no hot spots on the balls of my feet (I tended to ride xc SPDs).

    Even my road bike has flats on it now for convenience.

    The worst injury I’ve ever done to myself with a flat pedal I wasn’t even riding the bike. After the kids filled the side passage with badly propped up bikes and I fell over one and smashed my shin on a pedal as I face planted into the lawn.

    Premier Icon mudfish

    I was on clips in the 80’s, early adopter.
    Shifted to flats after an Alpine trip in about 07 scared the crap out of me – trying to clip back on super steep rocky tech was hair raising.
    Tried lots of nice flats, inc Kona WahWah v1, Penthouse Flats, Vaults.
    Next chapter:
    Bought a Geometron from Mr Porter in ’15, it’s a very long bike so dropping the heels sufficiently needs a lot of effort / thought – so I went back too clips, Mallets.

    (I saw a very interesting article by Richard Cunningham (Pinkbike) about Danny Harts super impressive muddy Champerey run, commenting on how far over the front of the bike Danny rode (too far to drop the heels much), Cunningham said this riding style and longer bikes being introduced would mean no more flats on the WC DH).

    Me, though – even with the cleats slid right back in my AM7 shoes I never totally loved the foot position or messing about clipping in which sometimes just occasionally would make me feel like an uncoordinated gimp. I DID, though, love the ease of hopping the rear around, yeah that’s bad technique, I know.
    Swopped back to flats last Autumn to better deal with slippy mud – the advantages of quicker foot down action when on flats.

    When Summer arrived clips went back on – but this year I just couldn’t get used to clipping back in – so I am back on flats and treated myself to some WahWah v2 composites, they are SO good with the 510 Freeride Contacts (with the bald sole). Nice and wide for my size 10’s.

    BTW I watched an EMBN video today with Fabien Barel and Steve Jones talking about flow. Intriguingly Barel said that he feels flats make for better corner grip as you are pushing into the outside foot better.
    However, he rides Mallet clips, so, surely, he can do both, (have you seen him corner!) he also mentioned much preferring the clips on tech climbs, moving the bike around.

    Get some Kona Wah Wah 2’s, I got plastic as a low cost of entry and I love em, I don’t get how folk think composite pedals are not grippy, they are great when the pins are positioned right by the designer. They are staying on.


    The remedy for low heels on long bikes is a taller handlebar. I had the same issue you describe with a size L AM9 (500mm reach) until I raised the bars about 20 ou 25mm. Problem solved.

    While I generally enjoy Cunningham’s writing, that specific article, IMO, was not very sound for a number of reasons, many surrounding the pseudo scientific “Sam Hill rides aligned with the bike forces” thing. In my view WC racers tend to ride clipless because:
    – their risk-reward balance is way different than ours
    – they are good enough technically for the clips not to mess with their riding
    – as professionals, they need to search for every single drop of juice


    I am leaning towards the wag Wah 2 pedals, can you recommend which 5:10 shoes I should start with.


    Freeriders or Freerider Pros on sale.

    I personally am a Impact fan, very protective, the rigid sole keeps feet fatigue down on long or intense days, very good pedaling efficiency and love to walk on them on rough trails

    Premier Icon supersessions9-2

    I’m going to make this switch now after 25 years on clips, considered it for a while then the Adidas discount tipped me over the edge.

    Five ten Freeriders and nukeproof neutron pedals ordered today.

    Premier Icon longmover

    I have switched between flats and clips at various points over the last 25 years, now I’m only on flats. Clips made me lazy on the bike and never felt fully in control, couldn’t pick up the back of the bike and put it where I wanted it as easily as with flats. Current set up is Shimano GR9 and Deity Decoys but I’m looking forward to some Chromag Daggas arriving.

    Premier Icon seb84

    Were did you get the daggas from. They seem to be out of stock everywhere.


    I was quite excited about the Daggas until I saw NSMB’s review with pics of them next to other popular pedals. The size difference next to the Horizons (my current ones) is so marginal I could never justify the cost

    Premier Icon brads

    Rode flats on my mtb for the first time 2 weeks ago and the improvement in my riding is palpable already.

    Endura shin guard socks are your friends btw.

    Switched a couple of years ago on the trail bike. (was formerly clipped in 100%)

    Not having a commute this summer means I’ve not clipped in (or got the rigid bike out of the loft) since last september.

    I have a (probably irrational) fear of a front end washout, which leaves my inside leg caught in the pedal, and going down destroying my knee. No I dont washout with flats, and I probably am not quick enough to save it with a dab anyway. Like I said, irrational, but gives me confidence, especially cornering and pumping.

    Trying it in running shoes and crap pedals, only to decry it as rubbish and switch back to clips is not the path to success. I’m a 5.10 fan, I’m sure others are also good. Every time I see something described as being as good as 5.10, they cost the same, so I dont take the risk.

    I use the freerider pro, which is completely different to the freerider (an often overlooked fact. The criticisms of the free rider, being hot, heavy, and holding a load of water don’t apply to the pro)

    I have genuinely no idea how people cut their shins on pedals while riding, what is the mechanism? but they do stick out a bit, at shin height, when pushing, putting in a car, etc.

    I have genuinely no idea how people cut their shins on pedals while riding, what is the mechanism?

    Keeping the same foot position as when riding clipless – ball of foot over the pedal axle. Totally wrong for riding flats.

    In all honesty, the fact that so many seem to “struggle” with riding flat pedals, aka without the crutch of being attached to the bike, tells you everything you need to know. Nobody learns to ride a bike as a kid clipped in..

    Van Halen

    i move back and forth a fair bit – mainly to keep things interesting. i came from flats originally. i ride differently for both and i think one style complements thee other. for example – i`m more confident in my tyres from using clips and move the bike more. but have the flat techniques for bunnyhopping etc.

    perseverance is key. youll have moments of ‘sod that’ but they will get less. Im back on flats as i`m doing more messing about and less serious riding.


    @brads great tip on the Endura shin guard socks. I’ll have a look at those. Could avoid needless effing and blinding😂

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    Went flat a couple of years ago after many attempts with probably 20 years on SPDs, for the last 15 on Time ATACs due to knee issues, can’t even think of going back now, it’s all about getting the right combo though, some pedals don’t mate well with some shoes, i found that on certain types, in the end i have five tens (like everyone else), as the rubber on the soul and pattern just mate well with a fair few pedal types, pedal wise, i found longer studs work better, best pedal i’ve used in the raceface atlas, but it’s expensive, i got a deal on one over a year ago and wish i’d bought two now!

    But, most pedals are decent enough these days, if you’re not a jumper or hitting big stuff, then composite flats are good, same shape and pattern, just a different material and half the price, i found in composites penthouse composite or crank brother stamp composites are good.

    As for shin burgers, as others say, starting out you can use some shin guards, doesn’t have to be fancy, some football/hockey style small lightweight ones will do, make sure they have the elasticated bands though, easier to use for long rides.


    @ argee has looked at Kona Wah Wah II pedals, I’ll look at those you suggested. Probably composite to see how I go without too much expense.

    Premier Icon nickc

    In all honesty, the fact that so many seem to “struggle” with riding flat pedals, aka without the crutch of being attached to the bike, tells you everything you need to know.

    oh yeah? What’s that then?

    if you actually read what folk are saying is that “after spending 20 years doing one thing, I’m now trying another thing” not a massive surprise that folk find it a bit weird, no?

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