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  • Anyone moved from BT to TalkTalk?
  • mildred

    Any problems, regrets etc?

    Having put up with BT for just over a year, we’re looking to move on.

    We use the internet a lot but not big telly watchers with most of our viewing being terrestrial or online (Netflix, Prime).

    We don’t need a landline either due to more than ample mobile phone allowances.

    Only problem I foresee is lack of Eurospsort for the cycling coverage – I’m looking at a Eurosport player subscription but can’t see how I can record stuff (which I’d need to do because of shifts), and their catch up is crap at best..! Anyone got any ideas how I could get around this, or know of an alternative that gives similar cycling coverage!

    Premier Icon hot_fiat

    Don’t do it!

    talktalk are rubbish. Both my parents and my in-laws moved to them a couple of years ago on promises of cheap, fast fibre broadband. They’re now both back with BT.  None of their promises held true and the customer service was abysmal.

    I used to use a small commercial ISP who were great but were ruined when they were bought by TalkTalk. As with the residential side, they were full of empty promises, woeful actual connection speeds (and worse, general service up time) and their offshored support, totally clueless.

    Premier Icon matt_outandabout

    Just check TalkTalk feedback before you do. The Ryanair of broadband.

    They’re on the never, ever a company to give money to again list with nPower and British Gas.

    I also wouldn’t go back to Sky due to the inability to use my router, and the fact that they use thier router to monitor and throttle our web trafic really noticeably.

    Premier Icon mrwhyte

    We have just moved to EE from BT. Happy with the service so far. We also opted for their TV option which is actually quite good, have not explored the sport stuff yet, but I’ll have a look for Eurosport. I also get an extra 5GB of data on my mobile plan, which has meant I can reduce my contract when it renews in a month’s time.

    Premier Icon rubymurry

    Don’t do Talktalk really bad, sell your data onto third parties and you will be bombarded with dodgy telephone calls from India, we’ve just moved to virgin and although we’ve been without a land line for 3 months as they can’t sort due to overcapacity they seem okay


    I moved from BT to Talktalk many years ago and have been more than happy with them. Have been using their fast fibre for just over a year and get 37/38 mbps, never had a problem. Have found it to be very stable, upload speeds of nearly 10mbps.

    Now that I’ve said this the all system will probably go down today!

    Premier Icon mrwhyte

    just seen Eurosport 2 player on the EE TV.

    Premier Icon rone

    Been with talktalk for five years.

    Fibre has been great. Router stable and great distance.

    Customer service has been much better than BT, plus net etc.

    Same with my folks.

    Can only think of one time where we had trouble and it got sorted within 24 hrs. (I don’t doubt things can go bad quite quickly when dealing with all ISPs.)

    Conversely I can’t stand BT , poor hubs and customer service in my experience. Parents in law still with them, god knows why.

    If Talktalk are the Ryanair (I think more thomas cook) then BT are Aeroflot.


    Yes, about 10 years ago and I’m still here. Their deals are good and customer service has always been okay

    I don’t have sports packages so I can’t comment on that, but TT are easy to deal with, will look at ways to reduce your bill if you ask them too and, apart from some email server problems a few years ago, their service works and I’ve always had in excess of their advertised broadband speed

    Yes, they were hacked and some details got out but it didn’t cause anything more than an influx of phone calls offering to “fix” your broadband connection. TT put various fixes in place to prevent those calls including free caller ID and free call interception if you wanted it

    Since 2017 they’ve been under a new boss and no, I don’t work for them

    Premier Icon rubymurry

    think they’re still having hacking problems!!!! Friend of mine had a new router delivered and within two days of receiving they had a call from TT asking if they received it, and needed help setting it up!!!! Week later he had his bank account cleared of monies (at moment going through fraud investigations – but fat chance of him getting his money back I believe)

    Premier Icon swavis

    In-laws switched from BT to talk talk about 3 years ago, endless problems and are now back with BT.

    Never had a problem with BT, EE however…


    Just starting the process of taking them to the ombudsman. Would avoid…

    Premier Icon dannyh

    Talk talk were shite when we used them. The deciding moment to give them the elbow was picking up the phone and there being no dial tone. And yes, the phone was properly connected etc.


    Premier Icon Caher

    Been with BT a couple of years and they’re the best of a bad bunch. Took a year of moaning and my set up works well now it’s settled down.. I do use my own router which I’d recommend.

    Premier Icon bigblackshed

    There isn’t a bigger shower of shit than talktalk. Even a muck spreader spreading shit 24/7 wouldn’t come close.

    The time to leave was when my broadband was non existent, to which 2nd tier technical support suggested I install a new line from the pole across the street. He didn’t see that as a problem. Just shimmy up the pole and string a new cable across.

    Premier Icon stumpy01

    I concur with TalkTalk being shit.

    Service was never great and they were hacked twice while I was a customer. We still get scam calls from people claiming to be from Talk Talk and we haven’t been with them for around 3 years….


    TalkTalk have a reputation and ranking as worst ISP for a good reason. Bargepole don’t touch with.

    Consider PlusNet. Owned by BT now but way better customer service and cheaper.

    What’s the issue with BT anyway? Customer service or price then yeah look elsewhere. If it’s issues with the line signal then whoever you go with, if using the phone line, you’ll have the same problem as BT Openreach ultimately have to fix it (though some ISPs are better than BT at working with them, including PlusNet).

    No land line is not an option unless you can get cable or go with a 4G or satellite broadband option.


    We left TalkTalk and went to BT a few years ago because my OH likes MotoGP and their X-Games coverage is ok. BT have been infinitely better than TT and other than price (we’re effectively paying for MotoGP with all the other crap like football and whatever just filling the gaps between the interesting bits) we haven’t got a reason to switch.

    Premier Icon dannybgoode

    Why would anyone with an IQ => 0 move to TalkTalk? Genuine question. They have such poor form in keeping customer data secure and their customer service is demonstrably poor when such things happen.

    Dildo whatever her name is puts Michael O’Leary to shame when it comes to contempt for their user base also.

    If you want cheap then Plusnet (actually a BT subsidiary). If you want good then Zen (who have been a revelation since moving to them. Well worth the £££).

    Plusnet for years and now Vodafone currently for 18 months, both been very good.

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