Anyone moved a greenhouse? Hints and tips please!

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  • Anyone moved a greenhouse? Hints and tips please!
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    Hi there. I’ve got a greenhouse in the garden – it came with the house when we bought it. I want to move it ever so slightly, as part of a larger garden re-furb. I basically want move it by 90 degrees – This will free up a load of space. I will need to move it completely from where it is (I believe glass out first is the way to do it..?), move the foundation stones (those that it is sitting on at the mo), level out the new area before replacing stones, then frame followed by glass.

    Just wondering if anyone has any experience of this and things I should look out for!

    Things in my head are – where do you buy replacement glass (Edinburgh area) and what’s the best way to make sure that the ground is level and maybe more importantly square?

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    greenhouses are normally orientated so they get the sun on a ‘long’ side, by moving through 90 degrees you’re likely to make growing stuff in there more tricky?

    there’s usually special clips holding the glass in but other than that it’ll be easy to remove, try not to stack them one on top of the other, put a few sheets of paper or a layer of cloth between each sheet once removed.

    replacement glass from any glass merchant – just give them a size and thickness.


    Marker pen and number the glass sheets.
    Without the glass ,ours was light enough to move the frame in one go.*

    * 3 other helpers needed 🙂

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    Photos and lots of labels otherwise it will turn into a complete ballache

    Premier Icon iwluap

    thanks for the replies & tips.

    wwaswas – same point was raised by my wife! The long side of the greenhouse probably does get more of the sun in its current position, but it will still get some when it’s moved around. Plus, the extra space created by moving it will be turned into a veg patch. So more growing!

    I tried and failed got 80% of the glass out unbroken but then broke about another 60% putting it back up so it all ended up in the skip 😥 only bit of advice is dont try and do it single handed or it will go wrong

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    depends on the type of glass – if its tempered safety type glass it’s a doddle. The cheapo horticultural glass is basically wafer thin sh*t and snaps if you breathe on it – although inexpensive to replace easily. Getting the hang of the clip things is a bit tricky – try using a flat bladed screwdriver – but be careful around that glass 🙂

    Once the glass is out the alu frame is very light to move – but also twist out of shape, so i’d enlist a helper.

    took me two hours to totally take down mine last weekend – including dismantling the frame.

    And yes – getting it square is key – measure from corner to opposite corner – once it’s the same distance from each corner you know you’re square and can begin putting the glass back on.

    Use riggers gloves to handle the glass. Make certain the frame is put together plumb and square.

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