anyone made their own 'ghetto' piggy back battery?

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  • anyone made their own 'ghetto' piggy back battery?
  • ruscle

    It probably is just a cell. Make your own but buy a better battery like a Panasonic 18650 as your £4 cell will be really poor and won’t last very long. Get some plasti-dip spray to properly weatherproof it once taped up.

    rob jackson

    How does plastidip work?


    …is it me, or does the single cell Exposure Piggy Back look a lot like an 18650 cell in a nice case with a wire and plug on it? I am just about to buy one for 24 hour race and wondering whether to void my warranty* by diy-ing my own with £4’s worth of battery (which I already have a few of) and £4’s worth of odds and ends from ebay. And lots of gaffa tape of course. (*actually mrs j’s joystick is well old and doesn’t have a warranty anyway so perhaps I would try it on hers)

    In short, am I missing anything or is it really just a cell, lead and plug?

    Premier Icon BadlyWiredDog

    Snudge made one for me at a very reasonable cost. It is a 18650 – or in the case of the triple – three of them. I have a double, which is a nice compromise between burn time and size and just about light enough to helmet mount if you keep it low. HTH.


    I build a compatible triple for about the same price as their single piggy back battery including an adapter you will need for charging with if you are interested.

    If your building your own you will also need the charging adapter for charging the battery with (both your piggy back battery and charger are male connectors).

    Cruz, the battery I posted you this week was plasti-dipped on the top and bottom, just helps seal the battery against the elements.


    cruzheckler – Member
    How does plastidip work?

    Once you have wrapped or heat shrinked the battery after soldering the leads, you then either dip or spray on the plasti-dip, which is a liquid plastic/rubber, once dry it gives it a completely waterproof outer layer. I use it on all my battery packs.

    You can see in this photo

    Golddigger helmet light by radsik gnarly!, on Flickr[/img]

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