Anyone lost a mountainbike on Kinder Scout???

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  • Anyone lost a mountainbike on Kinder Scout???
  • Premier Icon scaredypants

    I’d heard there were some bombers up there 😉

    I knew the ramblers wouldn’t take kindly to MTBs on Kinder footpaths – did they find a body or just a badly laid patio?

    Premier Icon Pook

    That badly laid patio is commonly known as ‘chapel gate’

    Ha ha just a bike in Crowden Clough – sounded like she had fun getting it out

    Premier Icon Andy

    Long shot but mates had bikes nicked from Edale in May; IIRC A Santa Cruz Tallboy Alu 29er(red cable outers) a Carbon Yeti full suss with 650b front wheel, a Canyon full suss with hammerschmidt and a Spesh full suss of some sort…

    Someone has posted up on the Ride Sheffield facebook page that they have recovered a bike – it was obviously somewhere pretty inaccesible as she has used climbing gear to retrieve it.

    Tell him to have a look on the ride sheffield facebook page the girl is contactable thtough there

    Finally managed to sign in to post.

    I found the bike in Crowden Clough. It took some retrieving, an abseil and then setting up a line to lower it across the little waterfall and pool below. It was then more of a hassle to then carry it down the rest of the clough.

    However, the bike it surprisingly unscathed and looks in good condition so, at a guess, couldn’t have been there more than a week.

    Please get in touch, with the make, model and any disguising features, if you have lost a bike.

    Sorry, Andy.

    Not the bike I found.


    Just out of interest Rebecca.How did they get it there in the first place.
    Do we now have skilled climbers nicking bikes.. 😉


    Have you informed the police,
    Just incase they have a missing persons report of someone missing last seen heading out for a ride on his or her bike.

    Due to the fact the bike was completely unscathed I doubt that anyone has been hurt. Most likely that they had tried to take it down Crowden clough, in trying to get around the waterfall it slipped and came to rest on the edge and they (v sensibly) didn’t try to retrieve it. No sign of anyone having fallen. It may, however, have been stolen and hence why they are not bothered about getting it back. Maybe?

    I have how just reported it as found to Derbyshire police on 101 and they are running some checks. I have also emailed Kinder Scout National Trust to see if they know anything.

    Premier Icon IdleJon

    It would still be worth informing the police, Rebecca. Just in case! Bikes have been known to be unscathed after falling off cars on the motorway…

    Edit: too late!! 🙂

    Premier Icon Andy

    Thanks for the update Rebecca. Hope bike and owner are re-united

    Premier Icon jamj1974

    Nice recovery job!

    For those interested I have finally reunited the owner of the mountain bike I found in Crowden Clough last month. After being in touch with the National Trust they got back to me saying that they had had a bike reported as abandoned by it’s owner. It took a while for us to meet up, I was working overseas and his car broke down (don’t think he is having much luck with various modes of transport at the mo). Anyway just thought you guys might be interested to know that it all had a happy ending.


    so what happened – why did he abandon it?


    asterix +1 … we need to know, to get closure 😉

    He’s from London and doesn’t really know the area poor guy. Started late in the day. Got hopelessly lost. It got dark and he couldn’t find his way down. He got the bike stuck at the top of Crowden Clough trying to find a way down and decided to abandon it to get himself down. He made it back to civilisation in the small hours of the morning – epic!

    Premier Icon portlyone

    Probably best, for his own safety, not to return it 😉

    PS well done.


    He’s from London

    Say nowt more 🙄 !!!


    I hope he gave you a reward!

    He seemed like a nice guy. Lets face it we’ve all had epics! My comment that’s he’s from London sounded a bit unkind, I meant that he didn’t know the local area, and as someone who grew up in Kent is I’m also a soft southerner! He bought me a bottle of wine which was kind.

    Premier Icon sweaman2

    I’m just curious – roughly how much was this bike worth… it’d have to be a real epic for to consider abandoning mine (like I thought my life was in danger epic)

    Premier Icon bearnecessities

    That’s excellent & well done on putting the effort in to reunite. Hope it was a decent red!

    It was a Specialized Hardrock – £500 I think. So, not an expensive in the realm of bikes.

    Premier Icon bearnecessities

    Meh, it’s not the make, model or cost. It’s your bike, means more than it’s commercial value to most that enjoy cycling!

    As it still had the stickers on it I don’t think he’d had time to build up that special bond but I know what you mean.

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