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  • Anyone live/lived in Italy?
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    I have the possibility of a job in Italy, in a place about 20km south of Rome, and was looking for some views of life there.

    I am currently living in Germany, and am quite settled, have friends I go riding and drinking with, and its a pretty good life. But I have to say, the climate in Italy and being much closer to the sea really does appeal to me.


    Yup Florence.
    Nice enough ( 😆 ) but you have to put up with Jonnie Tourist, I found it Hot, Dusty, lots of mates who rode out (roadies) and sort of enjoyed the food and wine :wink:, hated the glammed up wiminz, laughed at the Gigolos and generally fitted in right away.
    I speak little Italian, got on fine, most folks speak English/German anywhoos so wasn’t a problem.
    Food was cheap, wine too, but you have to be prepared for banter in the Markets (which I loved) there are very large super/hypermarkets around but the ambiance is like a fridge.
    Stay local, eat local, ride local.
    Couldn’t fault it.
    Rooms/Appt’s to rent were easy to come by (I had a mates Appt) you need to stump up deposits and g’tees but it’s nothing untoward, travel like cars and scooters are the way too go, I had a scooter (still have) and it was ace, if it rains the roads get very slippy so remember that.. 😕
    Some of the best times of my life 😉

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    Rome was hot in summer. Never really cold in winter. Hills on the doorstep (Well Frascati is on a hill), but not sure about the MTBing (cheeky trails I guess). Even more bigger, hills not so far away.

    Lots of roadies (often see chaingangs with all ages right up to octagenarians, all lycra’d up in branded team/club gear).

    Been there on business trips, but never resided there for more than 2-3 weeks in one go. Lived in a hotel in Turin for 3 months though (was sposed to be 6, and covering a ski season, but they made me go back to Holland in the December 👿 )

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    Yep 🙂

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