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  • Anyone learn a language from a CD?

    i borrowed an 8 cd spanish course prior to moving to spain. i only got through the first 4 cds but i learnt enough to give me a bit of confidence. i don't think any cd course is going to do any more than that, though, obviously not a substitute for getting some proper lessons.

    that said, the michel thomas method seems pretty solid. his false teeth rattle a bit in the spanish one..

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    are you after audio cds, or would software do?

    I had a play with Rosetta Stone a while back. I wasn't that serious about learning so I only did a few days, however, the phrases I did in that time are indelibly etched in my mind!


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    Alfabus, whatever works really… Isn't Rosetta Stone very expensive though?

    I used Michel Thomas for Spanish and have done so again for Portuguese. However, with Michel Thomas, it is excellent for learning the structure of the language but it should then be combined with a book of some sort, e.g. Hugo in 3 Months (which is a book and CD based course.). I have just done Michel Thomas beginners and advanced, and am now using a Portuguese Verbs book. Plus of course my girlfriend is Brazilian so I am using the book then she goes over pronunciation and helps me practice.

    With Michael Thomas he teaches the Spanish in quite a heavy German accent. In Portuguese, they use the same structure but have a Portuguese speaker repeat every phrase so you learn it properly (although Brazilian can be different in places).

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    Is it possible to learn a language from a set of CD's?

    If so what "make" worked?

    Mainly interested in French but Italian too and maybe Spanish.

    Most public libraries will have language learning cds or will order them in for you. Way cheaper then buying them, plus you help your local library by using it.

    Take them home, MP3 them but dont mention that bit to the librarian or it will put them in an awkward position legally! Great place for audio books for car journeys etc too.

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    great suggestion Midnighthour, thanks.


    Well, I learned to read and write the Hindi script fairly fluently from a 'Teach Yourself Languages' book/CD combo. Took about three months. That's got to be a good sign!

    This was the series:

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    Yes, like many others have said, Michel Thomas is excellent. Makes learning fun.

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    another +1 for Michel Thomas. Your really have to stick with it though (regardless of who makes the CD). Must persevere a bit more with my advanced course.

    Also played with a copy of Rosetta Stone. Another interesting way to learn, but costs $$$ for what you get imho.

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