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  • Anyone know whats happened to Zero G in Bristol
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    Really sad to hear this as Paul (Mr Bike Fest) is a top bloke.

    I’ve only heard rumours but apparently the usual cashflow issues. Seems to have come as a surpise to most people including the staff.


    Can’t have been that much of a surprise, I’d heard from other shops around town that things weren’t all rosy about 5-6 months ago.

    Feel sorry for the staff that haven’t been paid though.


    Really sad to hear as they’ve always been helpful.

    Hope the staff find something new soon, never nice to lose your job.

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    As per the title, seems like they have all closed and ceased trading, whats the story as Bedminster branch was really busy on Saturday


    Gone into Administration, apparently.

    The Bemmy & Park street stores are gone, as is the Downend shop

    The giant store in sadly broke is, ironically enough, still trading


    Real shame for all involved. Used the bedminster one quite a few times and they were a good bunch.


    Very sad to be hearing this. The Downend store was my LBS, I always found then very helpful and friendly, bought a few bikes and bits from them over the years.

    I thought it was a bit odd when Jon announced he was leaving last Friday.

    Feel very sorry for the staff, it’s come around quickly though, they were only advertising for a mechanic for Downend in April!


    Really sad to hear. They were a top LBS. I used the Beddy and Park Street stores regularly. Don’t know where I will head now in my time of need??
    Really nice and helpful staff.


    Zero G Bedminster, Park St and Downend stores have now ceased trading.

    Giant Bradley Stoke is unaffected, business as usual, please visit for more details.

    Shame, Paul is a decent bloke. I hope he continues with the bikefest. The Bedminster store was the best LBS within a mile or so of the centre. The Downend store had some good people in, but they held no stock. I kept trying to buy from them, but they had nothing to sell me (as a MTBer).


    Check this out, posted on Bristol Bikefest this morning

    Good morning all,It is with sadness and regret that we announce the closure of Zero G cycles and Specialized Concept…

    Posted by Paul Newman on Wednesday, 26 June 2013


    Big shame for all those staff…the North Street shop was always worth popping in to for a browse and a chat.


    I was in there earlier today to collect a bike. Very, very sad times.

    Paul is a top bloke who’s become a good friend, as have many of his team at the stores.

    Tough economic times, slow sales, all the usual things that are decimating the UK retail industry were to blame and it’s a real shame for all affected, including Paul. I can’t imagine how it must have felt having to deliver the news.

    From what I hear though, Bikefest, Bristol Belter etc are all safe and Paul will really get stuck in.

    Good luck to him.

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    Real shame but I guess like all businesses nowadays you need both a shop and internet channel to survive.


    Sad to see the stores close and staff lose their jobs, particularly in Britain’s first Cycling City and soon to be European Green Capital.

    On a selfish note I am relieved that I cashed in some gift vouchers, which I have had since Christmas, for a new helmet in the Specialized Helmet Amnesty a couple of weeks ago.

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