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  • Anyone know anything about compressors?
  • submarined

    A friend had kindly donated me a ‘project’…

    It’s a 160l compressor with the air tank badged Draper. Motor badged Red Devil, but no markings on the compressor.

    Motor spins up fine, but the actual compressor is in pieces. It was given to him like that as apparently the valves on the head are leaking. Replacing them looks doable with some spring steel, but I need some other parts (gasket kit, woodruff key) that would be a lot easier if I know what it was!

    So, can anyone ID it from these photos?

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    I have no idea but I commend your use of the kitchen table for this task.

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    OK – so woodruff keys are made to standards so you can measure and order a few/set for not a lot’

    Gaskets can be made using gasket paper – again order a selection of sheets and diy.

    The valves will be spring steel , so do you have any of the old ones to measure thickness ? if not actually cracked/broken you can clean up with a bit of abrasive or make your own.

    So your compressor looks like a twin cylinder , so actually a significant step up from the usual cheapy,

    google any part numbers on it and you should get some results..

    My compressor uses the finger flappy valves, they are a spingy stainless and they do break sometimes, but the current ones have been in use since ~1990. I wouldn’t go sanding them down, more likely to break. Mine are Ingersol Rand finger valves and are easy to buy.

    If I needed a head gasket I would try something like Klinger C4400, If you have  gasketmaker near you they have
    lots of scraps.

    Woodruff key, you cut them from a bit of round bar.

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