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  • Anyone know about unlocking mobile phones?
  • RudeBoy
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    I have a HTC s710, which I got as part of my BT broadband deal. Would have been ok, but for BT not being so **** useless.

    So, it appears I am left with a lovely ‘phone. Cam, video, MP3 player, Skype, tinternet, Google Earth, the lot.

    I’ve tried my old O2 SIM in it, but it asks me for a Network unlock code. Now, is this a code I need to get from O2? It’s a PAYG SIM.

    Will the ‘phone itself be ‘locked’ to BT? Can I unlock it? It is loaded with BT software; could I simply reset it back to factory default settings, and it will be unlocked? Do I need to take it apart (that worked with a previous smartphone thing)? Or will I have to take it to one of those shops that unlock it for a tenner?

    The ‘phone is mine, as I paid extra for it.

    Am I ever going to get it to work with my O2 SIM, or is this a ‘bung it on ebay’ job?

    Any ideas?

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    Try one of the phone the small phone shops. You’ll find it surrounded by chavs somewhere. We just had one of our Orange one unlocked for the kid to use his O2 sim.

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    I need to find out if it will actually work with O2 PAYG, first. Will it? Are all ‘phones the same? Or will it only work on certain networks?

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    If you load the latest HTC firmware, there’s a chance that might unlock it?
    I have one from when VOda released them, and a friend advised me how I could unlock it but it wasn’t easy or error proof. If you can wait a week or so i’ll ask him for the info again…

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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