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  • anyone in S lakes / north lancs interested T5 Eberspacher heaters £900 fitted?
  • meeeee

    Im looking at getting an Eberspacher fitted to my T5.

    Theres a guy in Leamington who fits brand new ones with the easy start controller for £870, and i think the 7 day timer option is £920.

    He does mobile fitting as well, but says would have to charge £150 to come up to the lakes. However, if i can get 3 or 4 of us in the area to get one fitted then he will do them all for one travel cost.

    He’s called Gary Toozer, posts on T5 forum as B1Toots, theres quite a few threads reccommending him and he’s also been reccommended in threads on STW.

    So if theres a few people in the area interested (S lakes / N Lancs area) and you are interested then let me know and i’ll get exact cost including travel then work out some dates, probably early October.

    These are brand new ones with full warranty, internal or external fitting.



    I’d try and find another fitter, He fitted one to mine and it took me almost 12 months of increasingly strong email/calls to get an invoice from him which I needed for my insurance, filled me full of sh*t as to why he couldn’t provide it etc etc even though this was agreed before he fitted it. I was away in the alps when he fitted it at my house and my misses was unaware that he was supposed to leave docs/invoice.
    Probably just wanted a cash job but didn’t want to say so.

    I’m sure there are many happy customers out there but just giving you my personal experience.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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