Anyone here ride Esholt?

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  • Anyone here ride Esholt?
  • Premier Icon Simon

    I sometimes ride through[/i] Esholt Woods but don’t have the skills to ride the big drops 🙂

    Premier Icon mrelectric

    I do go there sometimes but it is more air than I generally do. There has been a lot of good new work there. Hopefully it’ll still stay under the radar or go more legit that it is now; local relations and with Council are good.

    Hook up with them on Facebook: Esholt Dig & Ride Collective. It is a closed group though but they’l add you quick I’m sure.


    I ride through there, not great at jumping, but I live close to the woods so I’ll gladly come down to dig/watch you/chat…

    Premier Icon tmb467

    Just trying to pluck up the courage to make new friends and maybe learn how to jump / fall off nicely

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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