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  • Anyone help with a serious bank problem?
  • globalti

    I nearly got “scammed” by a very nice girl I met in a club in Bandung, Indonesia. She seemed curiously upset that I produced and used a condom, almost as if she wanted to get pregnant…. then I discovered she had false teeth! 😯


    Just for clarity OP, your friend is not the same person in the link you posted is it – that was just used as an example of the type of scam he fell for?

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    upset that I produced and used a condom,

    I misread that as “I produced a used condom”!

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    Whilst I still think there is far more to this story than your mate or perhaps you are saying ($5 stakes and running up $12k, several trips and small transactions a time, plenty of time to get out of the game – even that blog makes it clear they knew it was a scam very early on, they thought they were going to make money etc) if your friend thinks the bank (and it is the bank not Visa etc) has acted unreasonably he needs to follow the formal complaints process.

    If the bank still reject his complaint he will need to complain to the Financial Ombudsman Service and get them to adjudicate. Basically he would have to explain that whilst he authorised the transactions he felt coerced in to it and that the bank had a duty of care to prevent such a large sum going out in a large number of small transactions over a relatively short period of time.

    Its a long shot but his best hope.


    Surely this is one for travel insurance rather than the bank?

    He did (technically) authorise the transactions, so the bank is not at fault. If someone held a knife to my neck by a cash machine in the UK and made me withdraw £100 for him, I would not expect my bank to pay that cash back to me. If I somehow had insurance that covered losses arising from being mugged then I would be expecting a payout from them.

    Instead, as a result of a few hands of $5 cards and then being coerced/scammed, not only do most feel he is entitled to nothing…

    Why would he be entitled to anything? Your friend is (at best) a victim of crime. Since when have victims of crime been entitled to having their losses reimbursed by anyone other than the criminal?

Viewing 5 posts - 41 through 45 (of 45 total)

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