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  • Anyone had cellulitis before?
  • bigrich

    I had it in my groin. Ingrowing hair got infected. squeezed a lot of jam out. month of antibiotics then took a couple of months to go down.

    Premier Icon euain

    In my face – I looked very odd for a couple of days. Antibiotics worked like magic – a few hours and the feeling cack stopped, in about 12h the swelling was going down. Two days and back to normal.

    For me, that was the end of it. After a few days swelling gone. Finished the course of antibiotics and never looked back.

    Didn’t notice any pain etc – but I guess not so many large muscles in the face.

    Premier Icon luffy105

    I got it pretty badly in February on my leg. Either through a cut or a bite sustained whilst riding around Dalby ( I’m pretty clumsy). Upshot was I spent a fortnight in hospital on increasing doses of IV antibiotics until they found the right antibiotic which stopped it spreading and finally started to fight it. I ended up losing all the skin from my leg between the knee and the ankle so it was all one big wound and took a while to heal and needed redressing everyday.

    All fine now in terms of functionality but the leg remains a little swollen compared to the other and is permanatly scarred. It looks like a big burn scar from the knee down.

    I’d never been ill before that apart from the odd cold so was a pretty scary experience. The problem is once you have it there is a 25% chance of getting it again within 12 months. I got stung by a spider on the scarred area 2 weeks ago and sure enough it flared up within14 hours and was starting to get bad but thankfully I just went straight to the hospital in Hull and was able to get the right anti bio’s straight away and it subsided within 72 hours.

    I was lucky though, never had any muscle pain. Mine was just the skin. Hurt like a bastard for the first 5 days though.

    Premier Icon JCornford

    Thanks to some bug bites I ended up with an elephant sized leg, I’m on antibiotics now and it’s pretty much sorted out, but I have been having lots of muscle fatigue and have pulled/strained a lot of muscles doing not very much since coming down with cellulitis. Did you have similar problems, or are they completely unrelated?

    Premier Icon Harry_the_Spider

    In my arm after falling off the bike (in my back garden 😳 ).

    Antibiotics sorted it.

    Premier Icon Teetosugars

    Yup, had it after a rugby/ grass burn/ dog toffee interface.

    10 days in hospital to clear it up.

    Left a huge scar on my calf, so I had a tattoo over it.

    Oh,. and be careful, if you’ve had it once, you are far more prone to getting it again.



    Ive now had it about 7 or 8 times in total once bad enough to end up in hospital on an drip, wasn’t as bad as the couple above no loss of skin or scaring, luckily its been fine for the last few years.

    Cant say I ever notice any muscle fatigue, although I did get awful fever like symptoms that weren’t pleasant.

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