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  • Anyone had any dealings with LifeCycles in Bolton?
  • traildog

    Sorry if it’s obvious, but have you tried calling them?
    When you say no reply, is this just email?

    Premier Icon sok

    No reply to calls. Workshop only number.

    Premier Icon sok

    I bought some wildly expensive shoes at the end of April. Depsite their order tracking telling me they had been dispatched on 29th April I didn’t receive them until 18th May by 2nd class post (posted on 10th May).

    Anyway, they didn’t really fit. Lifecycle says I can return for refund in 7 days of purchase (doesn’t the law say internet sales is 14? Not checked this though). Emailed them to say they were coming back, they signed for 21st May.

    Still no refund a month later.
    No reply from them.
    Can’t open PayPal dispute as more than 45 days from purchase as they were slack about sending them out and I’ve given them time to sort my refund.

    Anyone dealt with them and have any suggestions?


    I used them for a bike service a couple of years ago – found them first rate to be honest. With most shops there will be good and bad experiences but i would be surprised if this is anything sinister…


    The website says that the phone number is workshop only – but if you dial it (01204 494466) then you get options for speaking to someone in the shop…

    Premier Icon easygirl

    I’ve bought stuff from them in the past and visited shop that’s been there a while, owner is a cyclist, don’t think you will have any problems, would ring them and sort it over the phone.


    Bought a few bits and pieces there, always been fine with me. They were still open the other day when I rode past.


    Once, never again they were sh1t

    Premier Icon Gordymac

    I would like to add my experience to this thread so no one else has to suffer the same.

    29th May I placed an order for a pair of shoes.

    12th June When there was no sign of them I e-mailed to ask what was happening with the order.
    I was informed that

    i have been away and the order being processed now

    This is where the status changed from processing to despatch.

    24th June Still no sign so another e-mail asking for an update as I haven’t received my order.

    Thanks for the e-mail let me check.

    Sorry to keep you can’t see why it has been stuck in despatch as we have
    plenty of stock, I think i will complete the order myself keep an eye on the
    order status.

    27th June Surprise surprise the order is still awaiting despatch so yet another e-mail.

    Sorted now nothing to do with stock its one of top sellers the system
    doesn’t like your order for some reason done it manually.

    At this point the order status changed to dispatched. So I asked what method they used to post them so I would know roughly when to expect the order.

    normally second class parcel

    I though fine that will take quite a few days to arrive.

    3rd July parcel eventually arrives with a special delivery sticker and postage date of 2nd July so yet again more lies!

    My order took 35 days from order to delivery. The website clearly states that

    our standard delivery you can expect to see your goods in 3-5 working days unless otherwise stated

    At no point was anything otherwise stated.

    I feel that I have been perfectly pleasant throughout and very patient and I wouldn’t normally do something like this but I feel that I have possibly been lucky this time. And before anyone comes in and says anything about sticking with my Lbs they don’t stock the shoes I was after.

    It appears that my order is not the only one to have trouble.

    Hope this saves just one person from the same fate as me and others have faced.



    Always found it a strange little shop, I use MK Cycles in Bolton, not internet based though so you have to go in and talk, I always get a brew and a biscuit too 😀

    Premier Icon simmy

    They had my mates bike for 3 weeks to change a rear shock bush.

    Kept saying tomorrow day after day. Never used them myself.

    Premier Icon sefton


    mk cycles, geoff smith & dj cycles all good (DJ CYCLES IS GREAT SERVICE)


    Geoff is great. More roadie based obviously but I love the shop and he knows his stuff. I particularly like the permanent ‘We have no time to service your bike’ sign in the shop window despite him always servicing bikes. Actually my nearest proper LBS.


    my mate bought a cheap bike from mk cycles. I rode with him when he took it back for his free service. rolled my bike in in and propped it up only for one of the employees (or owner for all I know) to inspect it and tell me thatmy chainring teeth were worn and it needed replacing. I’d only ridden it twice and hadn’t even gone through the black coating, never mind starting wearing the teeth!

    just because I ride a cheap bike doesn’t mean I’m a mug thank you.

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