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  • Anyone got rid of their telly?
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    Managed quite happily without for about 5 years as I never watched TV much, only being given a free flat screen caused me to bother paying for a licence again.
    I got loads of threatening red letters, was visited (let them in) and told the threatening letters would stop, they did stop sending threats for a while (maybe 12 months or less), then started again. I ignored them all as I had nothing to hide.


    I don’t have a tv I regard my time as too important watching all that crap

    Been TV-less for a year. Don’t miss it. 95% of programming was lowest-common-denominator tosh.

    Occasionally I might look on iPlayer for some comedy.

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    I have a TV, it’s mostly a large screen computer monitor that plays things I want to watch when I want to see them. It also gets me sport live for free via the aerial cable. No TV Licence in this country, but plenty of crap. With Digital recorders, Downloads and Watch again services TV as a site down format has changed. There are still plenty of interesting things on there that can be watched just a consumption method has changed. To close yourself off from the opportunity of watching them may not be a good thing 🙂 Add to that films that I don’t get to see at the cinema then I’m happy with the deal.
    Watching on a PC/Laptop/Tablet is sill watching TV!! Having finally gone from 28″ SD TV to a 60″HD (silly silly cheap deal) means things look great and the right size. I watched the Lego Bond on it last night, so much better than crowding round a laptop.

    For all it pays for the license fee is great value.

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    I’ve got the age of 41 without ever owning a TV and i’ve nae intention of ever getting one either, last thing i watched on the laptop > monitor was the cycling from the olympics last year so i guess i don’t really need a tv.

    I used to get loads of letters from the tv licensing agency emblazoned with big red letters on the outside saying it is a criminal offence to watch a tv without a licence, despite telling them i didn’t have a licence they still sent the letters so i occasionally sent off a reply stating the following :

    I don’t own or drive an HGV licence and i don’t get the dvla checking up on me to prove i’m not driving one on a daily basis.
    I don’t own a dangerous wild animal licence but i don’t get DEFRA prowling round my back garden to prove i don’t have a lion in a cage.
    I don’t own a shotgun licence and i don’t get a visit from the local police force to prove i’m not lying.

    So why the **** should i have to prove i don’t own a TV?, any further correspondence received will be considered as harassment and passed to my layer to pursue legal action.

    I warbled on for some time and many years ago (8/9yrs?) i posted the original letter on here which others copied for their own use, i dunno what part worked but i got a letter back saying they would remove my name and address from their database for a period of 3 years.

    I still occasionally get a letter every now and again addressed to the “householder” but as i save up all my junk mail for the waste paper collections i tend to place everything in a very large jumbo envelope or postage bag from the post office and affix the TV licensing envelope to the front with “return to sender” written on it – utterly childish i know but what the hell…………why should the onus be on me to prove i do not own a tv?, not everyone feels the need to fill their life with inconsequential crap.

    I’d be quite happy to pay a fee specifically for the BBC Radio output as long as they improve the quality of the digital broadcast signal as it woeful with regard to the bitrate currently being broadcast and the fact i cannot receive digital it at home, or work, or anywhere round about here (galloway).

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