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  • Anyone got links to quarries that deliver to Leeds?
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    Looking for some gert big rocks to be delivered to South Leeds for a community project. Anyone have any links to Yorkshire (or even North Derbyshire) quarries that can deliver a few tonnes of stone?

    Premier Icon bomble
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    Johnson’s Wellfield Quarries at Huddersfield. Not cheap though.

    Premier Icon duncancallum
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    Pm me.

    I’ll ask 2 x of my clients both are big national quarries but have great CSR teams

    Premier Icon scuttler
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    No idea if they’re suitable, I only buy pea gravel and anniversary cards from the garden centre, but I drive past them a lot.

    Premier Icon Philby
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    Mone Bros run the quarry on King’s Road Bramhope in North Leeds so might be worth contacting.

    Premier Icon thelawman
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    We (work) have a big aggregates distribution facility at Cross Green in SE Leeds; it gets stone and sand supplies by road and rail from much of the north of England and as far south as Derbyshire. I’m not sure that ‘gert big rocks’ will be standard stock items for the site, but I’ll PM you the details of the Regional Sales Manager up in Tyneside and you can give her or the Cust Services team a shout next week.

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    Thanks all. STW saves the day again.

    Its to help with a solution to this!

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    You might be better off with concrete security blocks as the have lifting points.

    How will you move Gert big rocks?

    (Probs cheaper too. There’s some being sold for £70 each on eBay)

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    “We need the gate to allow emergency vehicles access but the council need to make it more secure.”

    I’m not sure how rocks will satisfy both criteria; an ambulance is the same size as many of the tow vehicles pictured. Maybe @Drac can comment, IANAmedic but I’d prefer my kit to be nearby, especially if spinal injuries are involved
    If half a dozen rugby players can move the rocks to give access then a different half a dozen can move the rocks, or do you have ready access to plant on match days?

    “It is highly frustrating the police have so far refused to act and enforce a s.61 notice; breaking a lock, damaging a pitch…snip

    Have you made a complaint of criminal damage?

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    What weight of rocks are you thinking? They get seriously heavy for increase in size very quickly. A quarry will deliver but getting them into final position can get complex and costly very quickly.

    @CHB if you need some help with that, give Jez a call at LUBP. He’s had to deal with this issue a few times.

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    YMCA at Lawnswood had the same problem. They used rocks. Might be worth speaking to them.

    Premier Icon Greybeard
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    Rocks or concrete laid on tarmac are not difficult to push out of the way with a vehicle at slow speed if you have a vehicle you don’t mind denting a bit. To stop vehicles you need to link concrete blocks together or dig the rocks in to the surface. Is your plan to limit the areas that can be accessed once trespassers get on site?

    I have previously understood that cutting locks to gain entry constituted sufficient damage to invoke s61, obviously the police disagree and s61 seems to give them a lot of discretion, it just says they ‘may’ direct them to leave. See also police guidance here.

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