Anyone got either a technika free view HD box or Humax Freeview+ HD PVR?

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  • Anyone got either a technika free view HD box or Humax Freeview+ HD PVR?
  • AdamW

    I’m currently ooh-ing and aah-ing about getting either:

    A Technika Freeview HD receiver from Tesco at £30 (or £27, I think it’s dropped in price)


    Humax Fox HD 1TB PVR from Richersounds at about £300.

    I have a Sony PlayTV but would like to get Freeview HD on my telly which won’t do the HD bit. Has anyone got either of them? Are the rubbish/great/better than home-made-bread-that-has-definitely-not-been-sliced-and-is-a-lot-nicer-than-that-rubbish-they-sell-in-the-shops? :lol


    We have the Humax, it’s a lot better than the previous (9300?) non HD Humax we have. Only problem we had (with a Sony TV), and that’s the HDMI output locking up (there is a Humax forum which has details of this fault..might be worth checking out). In fairness, I don’t think it’s locked up for ages, but I’d have to ask wife/kids as I don’t ever get to watch it (although they do complain if stuff ain’t working :-))

    The additional features (Internet TV portal) don’t appear to be great, I think it’s quite slow. As a PVR it seems good, the menus look good, and the series linking works well.

    Jeez – technica is the cheapest of the cheap crap imo.

    Humax are great (we have 3 in the house – 2 pvrs) but not perfect. The big big plus is the ongoing support – I’ve emailed them a problem and they emailed me back – “thanks, we didnt know that. We’ve coded a fix and everyone will get it downloaded on the 10th April” kind of support.

    Also Humax direct have some proper bargains – I’ll check if I still have their last email but I’d guess at £80 for a freeview PVR with 12m warranty. £200+ for freesat HD+ usually if that was an option.

    I’ve mentioned not perfect – the UI can freeze once every few months, and you still need a separate remote for the tv. Unlike sky.

    #Edit – here are todays deals (which arent great tbh – sometimes there are massive bargains):


    Another happy Humax user here. I have the HDR Fox T2 with 500Gb.

    Had a few PVR’s over the last few years and the menus on the Humax are the best. I can also get iPlayer (great quality btw), Flicr and Youtube on my telly with it.

    Great buy.

    I have just bought the Sony freeview hd+ 500gb pvr. Excellent picture but the menus are not as good as humax but……….£150 after the Sony cashback offer from direct tv.
    Very happy with it.

    Premier Icon kimbers

    have an older sony (non HD) pvr and its not missed a beat in 3 years, excellent piece of kit


    The technica box is fine as long as you have the latest 0161 firmware, which I’m sure the new boxes on sale now do have. You can’t go wrong for £27. I couldn’t stomach the humax pvr price so picked up a digitalstream 8205 for £120 on eBay. It’s a very nice box, works well, has good support and the HD picture is notably better than the technica.

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