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  • Anyone got any old bar tape?
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    Odd request: I want to make one of those fake “stuffed deer” things out of an old saddle and drop bars. Y’know, like this:
    example of deer head from old bars and saddle

    I need some bar tape though, and it seems stupid to use new stuff when so much must get chucked out. Anyone got any they want rid of? Don’t mind if it’s a bit tatty, but it probably needs to be intact. Happy to cover postage and/or stick a few quid in a charity tin. Brown would be ace (leather would amazing but let’s not get carried away) but I guess any colour would do.


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    PM me if black or red would do the job.

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    Great project, but I think it’s a bull rather than a deer. Picasso made the first, I believe:

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