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  • Anyone got an Evil Uprising??
  • philbert31

    As title really, just wondering if Evil have managed to sort out their problems and if anyone has a real world review?

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    Sometimes in the morning.


    Ha ha

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    Yep, a nasty spot on my butt again. Really should have bought that Brooks.

    Sorry OP – couldn’t resist. Sadly I’ve not ridden the bike, but this will at least serve as a bump!


    a bike shop near me is getting a load of them in today. They’re the first drop in the UK, so there’s not going to be any reviews for a wee while yet.
    A buddy of mine has got one on order from said shop, and I am suitably jealous…

    We had our two turn up today. Initial impressions; wow! Just looks all sorts of right. Coupled with the mega exclusivety and (reasonably) competitive pricing means they won’t stick about long. 32 frames in the uk I believe


    They look awesome, but after reading up on the back story I will definitely need to here some positive reviews before I spend my hard earned on one , I’ll be keeping my eye on them though!

    Ordered one today after checking one out in the flesh, looks amazing and feels super solid! Linkage is huge!

    Way more built than most carbon frames I’ve seen on the market. Should be here Mon/Tues so i’ll update once built.

    Story is be quick, another shop saying only 30 in UK. Smalls already sold out but I guess they were bought in small numbers.


    Assuming the setup in the same, it’s worth having a look into the bearing problems being seen on the Undead. e.g.

    “Wow didn’t even make it to week eight and the bearings are on their way out on my frame too. Silly spherical bearings. Every person I’ve met so far with an Undead has this same issue. Did they actually do any real world testing on these frames before releasing to the public? Wonder how the guy’s racing the WorldCups are getting on…..”

    A quick look around here will give some interesting info about the proprietary spherical bearings they are using


    Rear tyre clearance looks very tight.
    Any owners confirm?
    Wouldn’t fancy using a skinny XC tyre on the rear.


    Have they got a new frame manufacturer after the issues with the Evils from a few years ago?


    Yeah different place now Si, also different materials of course.

    Hopefully they don’t become the Crank Bros. of the frame world

    Had mine for a few weeks now, loving it so far 🙂

    Tire clearance wise, it’ll run a 2.35 Muddy Mary on the rear with a bit of clearance so I’m happy with that, will probably run a smaller tire 90% of the time. 2.35 High Roller has decent enough clearance.

    Frame really well built and super sturdy feeling, basically a Undead with a smaller linkage. Built mine to 29lbs, 1 x 10, Lyric (160mm) and Superstar wheels, light builds definitely doable.

    Size wise, I’d say try one 1st, I rode a Medium & Medium Long and went for the Long on the end for the longer top tube, my previous Mega was to short but provided miles of standover. I’m a short arse at 5’8 but I’m mostly back length so It fits me really well shape wise.

    Longer top gives plenty of room for movement of weight on the steeper natural trails I ride locally.

    Descending, as you’d expect with the angles its a beast 😆 Run mine in the high setting at the moment, climbing, my Mega felt better but this is actually quicker according to Strava times (I’ve not got fitter…) Stand up and the thing pretty much surges forward like a Carbon XC bike not a 150mm trail bike.

    All in all I’m really pleased, and the bearings are still smooth & it’s not snapped yet…. 😆 🙄

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    What’s the warranty like? How long?

    How come the uprising is not even on the Evil website?

    Looks lovely but I’m sure there will be a 27.5 model to replace this one in all of 3 months

    2 year warranty with crash replacement scheme.

    Website, old company owners, there is a beta around of the new one but they seem to be using Facebook more than anything else.

    27.5″, maybe there will be but it won’t “replace” just sit along side if they do one. Although only small numbers of these were made as far as I can tell.

    I’m sure they’ll say “we’ve been testing it for 99 years etc. and now it’s time to release…” Just like the others..

    But that’s a whole different thread…


    Old company owners? It’s still the same Kevin or whatever his name is isn’t it?

    The beta site has been floating around for 6 months+ now. It strikes me as just being too lazy to sort it out. Who, in this day and age, operates without an up to date website, especially in an industry ruled by teh intarweb?


    What happened to the Sect?
    Never made production?
    I like, but tell me more about this “reasonable” pricing you speak of…….

    2k frame iirc


    Ooh. That is reasonable. Good work evil. I hope it’s a corker, they seem like good guys who deserve a bit of good luck.

    On another note, are chumba bust yet? Not so good guys……


    That looks niiiice!


    I am a fellow Evil uprising owner. Been giving a good hammering the past 3 weeks, including a dh race, uplift day, dh days and many xc/trail centre miles, and I can say it is a phenomenal bike!
    I have it in the low setting and it is practically a mini dh bike, geometry with a 160mm fork not far off a stock Iron Horse Sunday in the day.
    Despite its aggressive nature, it climbs pretty dam well too, partly due to its low weight, but the pedalling characteristics are great also.
    Tyre clearance is tight in the back yes, but nothing to worry about a great deal. I have more clearance with a 2.35 highroller than I did with a Larsen though. Pictures of this bike show them fitted with hans dampfs comfortably so should be fine for the enduro warriors.

    Evil have a completely different place of manufacturer than the alloy Evil Revolt days, this means production quality is a lot higher. With carbon, the quality control is a lot better with the carbon moulds, creating a more consistent batch of frames.

    At no point of owning this frame have I thought ‘dam should of gone 650b’. 26″ still rides really well! They may go 650b, but with carbon moulds costing a lot of money, I can’t imagine it being very soon.

    My build will be around the 30lbs when the new Pike arrives, but still built super reliably.

    There will be full builds available soon for the Uprising, ÂŁ4199 for the pro spec build, and ÂŁ5999 for the uk race spec build. Contact your local dealer for more info.

    I will be at the last round of the UKGE series at Eastridge if anyone wants to have a look at mine.


    Took mine to bike park Wales last week, loved it on the climb and then it loved the Red’s & Black descents 🙂
    Loving standing out from the 450 Fives & 450 Spicys etc 😉
    Still running mine in high for the steeper seat angle but will try in the low soon.

    Weighed it…28.5lbs! With Superstar wheels and reasonable spec, 25lbs 150mm beast easily doable if you’ve got the money!


    I’ve had mine for a few weeks, built to replace my full DH rig “cove shocker”. I will not be going back to a dual crown rig after this. Built mine to be strong, full saint and DH components with BOS Idylle sc air and
    Fox float X shock. Yes that’s right, 180 forks, and No, it’s not too much.
    I’ve just done 7 days hard DH riding In Andorra, world cup tracks, Cedric Garcia, no problem.
    I did trash some rims out there and replaced with Mavic Enduro which says a lot about what the bike went through but the frame held up perfect. 1 lose bolt on the linkage is all the tinkering I did. There is Nothing in the UK that this bike can’t ride and it will be going to Morzine, whistler and anywhere else that i can ride DH.
    Don’t be put off by the history of this company. Yes they had failures in the past and there a pain in the arse to speak to, but, if your looking to buy the Uprising or Undead, u won’t be disappointed.
    Ill try figure out how to upload photos.


    Could not agree more with the above post Marraparra.

    Looking forward to seeing some pictures of your build!


    Wow its a trail batmobile 😀 looks amazeballs. Right price too, worried silverfish website aint working though if any issues arise. Shame its still a tad heavy though so im still goin to opt fir a bit less travel and go with the Blur TRC


    Hey Guydsigns, what issues are you experiencing with the Silverfish site? It is working fine, and if any issues arise, we endeavour to get this sorted for you as soon as we can. I hope this helps.


    Quick update, frame still doing well.
    Have recently changed the Delta link bearings, they were previously spherical but now a more standard sealed bearing. Approx 7 months on them, lots of South Wales Alps bashing and a fair few days at Bike Park and various other centres. I’m pretty happy with that 🙂

    FOC from Evil/Silverfish who were great to send them next day. Evil very helpful by email as well.

    Recently fitted a Float X instead of the CTD, much improved support from the shock, especially in descend mode but still allows full travel and response without the spongy feel. Custom tuned to the US Evil spec option.

    In the picture I was running a 2.35 Maxxis Advantage, now I’m running a sample 2.35 Maxxis Minnion DHF. Not huge clearance but I’ve not had any clogging even in the muddy crap of my local trails (Garw valley, Ogmore Valley)

    Have an option on a new framestet through work so my frame may be for sale shortly if anyone’s keen?


    How much would you be looking for ?

    ÂŁ1200 with the CTD.
    ÂŁ1400 with the Float X

    Email me on rustyhitop@hotmail uk


    Ok rusty iill email you


    I want one, just can’t seem to offload my Covert


    Rustyhitop ive emailed you mate – let me know if you got it cheers .


    On the techy side does anybody have any info on the sp type bearings in the bearing service kits for the uprising?
    The other bearings in the kit can be sourced from most bearing companies for a few pounds really but can’t seem to find the sp one which as far as i can see fits at either end of the ‘H’ beam link.

    I have a damaged bearing in the flip chip so could do with sourcing one pretty quick really 😕


    @Phildowling…..Did Evil/Silverfish recommend or decide that the spherical type bearing be replaced with the more standard RS type bearing?


    Yeah I too would also like to know which bearings you used Phil instead of the spherical ones.

    Do you have a bearing number?

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