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  • Anyone got a Sun Tunnel installed?
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    Is it worth it?

    I have a dark landing, which I think would be hugely improved by one of these, but I guess I’m looking at a fair old chunk of cash to fit it.

    (For those who don’t know what I’m on about: )

    The cost would be in the buying of it in the first place – I would have thought that anyone with a bit of DIY skills (and a long set of ladders) should be able to fit one really easily.

    I think they are a great idea.


    Gosh who knew they existed?

    Ace idea, shouldn’t be too expensive shirley, it’s only a tube..

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    Cost about £200 for the bits, then you’ve got fitting on top – mainly I would need someone to do the roof tiles, I’d be happy doing the rest.

    I have one going from my mouth to my arse.

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    “Rigid sun tunnel” That’s gotta have some mileage

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    My dad installed a couple in a windowless bedroom at their house. You still need to turn the lights on to use that room most of the time. The pic on that web page strikes me as a bit optimistic, presumably it’s blazing midday sunlight outside. Better than nothing, though, I suppose.

    mainly I would need someone to do the roof tiles, I’d be happy doing the rest.

    If you aren’t scared of being on the roof I don’t think that bit will be difficult – I assume they have a plastic surround in the same way their windows do – so it should be a simple case of removing the tiles to create the hole, fit the plastic frame and refit some slates to fit around (and just cut a few of the slates).

    windowless bedroom at their house



    We have one in our windowless bathroom and it makes a real difference. As long as there is daylight outside (obviously).
    Essentially its just a 12″ dia tumble dryer hose with reflective foil on the inside and a round window on the roof.


    “Why do they lock me under the stairs and feed me pins?!”


    I’m planning on putting a couple in too
    I was looking at these ones
    mine are planned for a windowless bathroom and downstairs toilet


    I have one on my enclosed landing and its very good. Came as standard on my new build house (6 yrs ago now).

    Confused me on my first visit as i was trying to find the switch to turn it off before i realised what it was. Obviously depends on what the weathers like but always adds some additional light as long as it’s light outside. On a clear night with a full moon it can also still provide a little bit of extra lighting.

    I’d have another if i moved house.


    My eyes are pies and yours are lies!

    That looks a really good idea…

    I’ve fitted a few of these into peoples property’s ..They are a major improvement. and fairly simple to fit.
    I would recommend Solartube as these seem to be the best I’ve fitted.


    I’ve always known them as sun pipes. Great idea but installation is key.
    I’ve seen a few professional jobs with problems, you don’t want your dark landing to become a swampy one!.

    The one in the OPs link looks about the same size as a porthole on a ship so a very rough comparison might be to close your curtains in another room to about 6 inches gap and see how light it is then.

    Surely there would be scope for the designers to include a larger collector area and some clever optics to increase the amount of light fed down the tube. I concede that that might cost rather more though.


    +1 for Solartube

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    Thanks for the Solartube links – they look much better.

    I like the look of this one!

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