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  • Anyone got a Mondraker?
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    After my Cove Hustler was stolen a few months ago, I'm looking for a replacement.

    Mondraker Factor RR or Foxy R look like good deals but the reviews are limited. Before I head off to find a test ride, has anyone got one or tested them?

    Opinions appreciated.


    Premier Icon dab
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    John Chris @ cycle world sells em and he posts on here ! Interested too as I like the look of them

    Premier Icon rj
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    Tried a Foxy on a demo day. It was alright, nowt special though.

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    I have a Hustler and love it, sorry to hear about yours getting nicked.

    Shortly after I got mine, I went along to a demo day at my local bike shop and tried loads of models, hoping none would be as good as the Cove.

    None were, in my opinion. However that included the Foxy R which I just didn't get the same buzz from riding as I did from the Cove. It's still a good bike with some decent specs and fun to ride but not as good as the Hustler in my opinion. The value is pretty good though.

    My brother who works at the shop has a basic Foxy which he uses at the moment. The first time he tried it he wasn't that impressed but now he has it set up and has been riding it more he really likes it.

    You ought to give one a shot and see what you think!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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