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  • Anyone got a dashcam??
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    I use a Roadhawk camera as I also do a lot of mileage and want the extra peace of mind.

    A friend recently had duel cameras from MI Witness and they’re really good, have a nice little wifi dongle and app that allow you to set up the field of view correctly.

    being someone who drives 40k a year i’m on the road a lot. In my 20 year driving career I’ve been rear ended 5 times, and had a taxi t bone me on my motorbike. I’ve opted out of company car and now driving a new 5 series and if it wasn’t for the fact LV mirrored my partners 4 years NCD I wouldn’t have been able to insure the car.

    When I was knocked off my motorbike it looked like a straightforward claim, he pulled out and knocked me off. After 12 months of navigating my way through all of the interfering claim handlers etc it came down to the other party coming up with ‘where’s your witness’ and my insurer made me accept 50/50 liability, which was a kick in the bollocks as I lost my only 2 years NCD, lost 50% of my third party losses and then four years later the bloody hire bike people tried to sue me for having a replacement motor bike for 7 weeks at £140 a day!

    So, I can’t afford to be in a position of dispute if I’m in this situation again, so I’m looking at dash cams.

    Apart form seeing numerous jaw dropping Russian footage, I’ve no experience of them.

    I’ve seen a Snooper DVR2 and THIS one looks appealing…

    I’ve got a cheap DVR, think it’s a DVR 007 or similar from Eestore on eBay. Seems to do the job and sits there minding it’s own business.

    I think the 027 has IR LEDs on the front which are pointless, mine doesn’t and it makes it more discrete.

    Reviews said a lot of the smaller ones had overheating issues though I wasn’t totally convinced the website was impartial!


    The E-Prance 0801 gets good reviews. Tempted to get the new 0803 as I had 4 near misses in a week, I really do have an invisible car! 😯


    I have been running one of these for about a year now.


    I’ve been interested in one of these for a while but I wouldn’t want to have to plug the thing into a cigarette lighter all the time.

    Are there any that you can wire into the car easily?


    I’ve mulled over getting one of these too.
    Just out of interest, would a third party’s insurance company accept your dashcam footage as proof of their client’s fault? I wondered if they would view it as impartial evidence.

    Any experiences?


    be careful telling your insurance you have one – your damned if you do and damned if you dont …..

    some deem it as a modification that needs declared – once you declare it though they reduce your premium and expect it to be on at all times…..

    i asked about this recently with adrian flux , result was that when i do fit it – it wont be a perminant fixture and easily removable like my satnav….

    “Are there any that you can wire into the car easily?”

    all of them ….you just chop the cigarette lighter end off and wire it to an ignition 12v feed – comes on when you start the car….


    Have a look on Techmoan for some independent reviews

    A couple of mobius cameras with the capacitor/hard wire upgrade looks good


    How late do you brake?


    Loving my Mobius, works well on the bike too 😀


    Go for Mobius.



    all of them ….you just chop the cigarette lighter end off and wire it to an ignition 12v feed – comes on when you start the car….

    Some run off a 5V USB supply. You can buy a 12v USB wiring harness for under £10 on fleabay.

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