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  • Anyone gone from 29 to 27.5?
  • Premier Icon Trailrider Jim

    Been riding 29ers for a few years, progressing to trail geometry ones, but I fancy going down a wheel size thinking it might be more fun and definitely lighter. Anyone done it?

    Premier Icon Onzadog

    I’ll follow this thread. I ride a 650b full bounce but wondered if a less agro, more trail orientated 29er might compliment it nicely.

    Depending on replies, perhaps I should open it back up to smaller wheels.


    I do it about once a week. I ride a Jeffsy 29’er and a Capra in 27.5.

    I also test rode a 27.5 Jeffsy back to back with the 29’er. Not much difference in the wheel size. More difference in things like tyres and pressures.

    If your going to change bikes there are way more other things that will make it feel different.

    The other weekend I rode the Climax trail on both bikes, neither was better than the other, but things like geometry and suspension made the biggest differences, wheel size was not noticed.

    Also my 29’er has carbon rims, they make the bike lighter than my mates 27.5 Jeffsy on its standard alloy rims.

    There is more to biking than 29-27.5 wheel changes.


    Yeah have an Enduro 29 and a Focus Jam 27.5. Find the Focus more fun to ride in most situations and definitely jumps better. Im sticking with 27.5 from now on.


    Overall package rather than the wheelsize.


    I ride 29+ sometimes… 27.5 full squish… then switch to my 69er (26 rear 29 front) then my single speed 26er. Absolutely no difference in the real world, all have their advantages but on a normal ride they average out the same.

    Don’t read to much into it…. Wheelsize does not maketh the man. If you want to really notice gains go single speed and ride a 24″ and eat less pies.

    Don’t think their is a huge weight saving by going down a wheel size either to be honest…. Maybe a few hundred grams but as I said, eat less pies and have a good poo before a ride 🙂

    Fwiw 29 is the sweetspot for me on the stuff I ride but I suppose the full squish 27.5 does feel (and is according to strava) a little faster in tight twisty stuff.

    Premier Icon singlespeedstu

    Geo, travel and setup make a bigger difference than wheelsize to me.
    I ride 29, 27.5 and B+

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