Anyone gone from 160/170mm to 180mm fork travel?

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  • Anyone gone from 160/170mm to 180mm fork travel?
  • My Lyriks need a service and the new Debonair spring looks like it might be worth sticking in them. Thinking of upping the travel to 180mm from 170mm. Wondering whether it’s worth doing.

    I ride fairly technical stuff – BPW blacks and reds, natural stuff on the Mendips and the blacks and reds at Wind Hill; I don’t generally feel over-biked with my Nukeproof Mega, and regularly use almost all of the travel.

    So, is it worth doing?


    Went from 160 on the rear to 180 recently, I couldn’t ride my bike like a DH bike before- eg going heavy through the pedals and just outright ploughing it through a rock garden letting the rear do the work… I can…anyway….160 to 180mm on the fork fs probably similar….170 to 180 is not quite so noticeable though


    Worth doing.

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    and regularly use almost all of the travel.

    Does the bike feel settled like that? It’s only another 10mm so maybe you could sit in it a little more


    I recently built up a Mondraker Dune (160) with 180 Lyric forks. Works really well.

    I also have a 140mm Liteville 301 with 160mm Pikes.

    I don’t see any reason not to max out your forks. There is no weight penalty and it doesn’t make the bike Wallow like too much rear travel can. Head angle becomes a tad slacker.

    Basically more is better with forks.


    I’ll probably go for it then.


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    Amazing – a consensus – based on what you say you do it’ll be well worth it.!


    I always thought 160mm was probably too much for a fork. I then tried it on an aggro HT and then on the Foxy which should be on 140mm. It just improves the bike and doesn’t create any downsides that I can think of. So adding some more providing the geo emains acceptable is likely to be a good move.

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    Not sure if you’ll notice the 10mm extra travel but you’ll definitely notice the debonair aspect of the new airshaft. I’ve got a 170mm Yari ( well it started life as a  160mm Yari) that now has the new airshaft and a charger 2 damper and it’s epic.

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