Anyone gone back to hardtail after a full sus bike ??

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  • Anyone gone back to hardtail after a full sus bike ??
  • ollie

    I swapped my Reign for an XTC Alliance in the summer and haven't looked back, It took a couple of rides to get used to letting the back skip over stuff again but it's all fun now.

    Premier Icon jimmy

    Rode HT for over 10 years in the Peaks, bought a full suss and didn't look back. Then moved to Scotland and ride Trail Centres mostly (the shame) and it was boring on a FS so went back to HT and love it.

    Your bad back probably came from bad sizing or set up.

    It is very much and each to their own personal thing. I went to full sus in 96 and have tipped back in to HT whne I have built up rigid SS's (see classified for my Trek carbon SS for sale)…. For me full sus is right for you it may not be.

    Someone above said

    If you're not faster on your FS that means you can't ride it properly

    For most peeps the full sus gives more comfort, traction, peace of mind and also means they can go for longer not just quicker.

    I would say see if you can get some decent test rides on a few materials to see how it feels. 😀


    yes and no. Built up a Kinesis XC2 for local races (not that I do many) and to use as a winter bike as the components are cheaper on it so when thye wear out…. I still love my Five though – different machines for different occasions!


    have both…

    rode my hustler for the past 4-5 years… and it is a great bike… but I became a bit lazy on it… yep go flat out into everything… but didnt really care where the bike ended up…

    I have got a 456 along side now… and it has meant i have had to learn how to ride a bike again… to save my back and to save the back wheel, and to keep your speed…

    hardtails are great fun… but for all day trail riding / comfort / speed you cant beat a 5" full sus

    Premier Icon DezB

    not connected to the trails in the same way a hardtail is if you get what I mean

    Nope. You got me there.

    Got both. Like both. Prefer full sus.


    Sold my full sus frame and dont miss it, however I got an alps trip planned for summer and now need a bike suitable!!

    My Blur LT2 goes into hibernation for the winter – it doesn't like the mud : 😉
    I've been riding an alloy frame for winter / wet riding, but after some selling on here, I raised the cash for a 456 and a few bits. Should have it next week, then need to build it up. Aim is a softer ride, as the alloy HT beats me up too much. Last rode a steel frame in the early 90's!
    HT is good for remembering those handling skills and making line choices – FS will simply flow through most stuff. After a winter of riding HT you do feel the benefit and ride faster & smoother on FS as a result.


    2hottie – Member

    Yes, didn't get on with a full sus and found I prefer HT's each to their own.

    Truth is the Full Suss nearly killed you in the peaks… i've got a picture of you somewhere sat as far away from it as possible looking properly pissed off!

    But to answer the OP…

    Yeah I had one of those 1998 Marin Full Sussers, it was a nightmare, so i went back to a hardtail and then got an Epic… snapped the back end off it… bought a hardtail again instead.

    Next one will be a full suss no doubt!

    Premier Icon cheese@4p

    I have full sus and rigid and ride/like them both
    Maybe I need a hardtail? Then I'd like that too but would I still ride the rigid? Maybe not. Would I still bother with the susser?
    Would the hardtail just be a compromise between the two?
    I dont know.

    Premier Icon cookeaa

    Went back to only having Hardtails after owning a couple of DH full bouncers, couldn’t justify having a bike that got used every other weekend yet cost more than twice as much as my main HT…

    I did decide instead to have a DH only HT as a compromise though, still gets similar levels of infrequent use, but cost’s a relative pittance to own and maintain…

    Only ever owned one bouncey” trail bike”, bought an old Enduro frame and cobled it together using various spare parts, rode it for about 2 months and flogged it on, 5th shock on it was shite, and I couldn’t be bothered spending anymore time or money on a novelty bike, just not for me…

    Horses for courses though, I’d only ever consider buying another FS for DH now, and that’s pretty unlikely as I’m still loving the odd DH race/uplift on my Exalt…
    but I can still see the benefits of a trance or similar for proper fast XC riders, that’s just not me, HT’s work for me at the minute… but that's just me…


    A cotic soul for me with a thudbuster LT seatpost. Doubt if you'd suffer any back problems with one of those. The seatpost is excellent IMO and really comfy, but not cheap.


    How about a Ti in the bigger size – a 29? HT.
    OnOne have brought the price down by 1/4.

    tombird – Member

    Yez. I much preffer the way a hard tail feels. They just feel faster and more aggressive.


    got a full sus for summer and a ss ridged for winter (less cleaning)


    I just don't get this whole 'winter' bike thing. I use the same ones all year round. Full suss or hardtail, they still work.


    hardtails are great fun… but for all day trail riding / comfort / speed you cant beat a 5" full sus

    Had the 1st ride for a month or two on my fs today. As much fun as the HT is … a good FS is just so much better in every dept.


    Got both although I find myself wanting to take my (SS) hardtail for the challenge a lot of the time.

    At this time of year I ride my hardtail on night rides because I can't face cleaning my full suss at 11pm when the ss hardtail takes a quick blast with the hose.

    Not sure I'd buy another full suss. Think I might prefer a lighter weight racier hardtail (ti inbred/soda or similar) for longer rides and races with something like a 456 for general riding and winter.


    Have both, prefer my singlespeed.


    yeah. got both, but gone singlespeed on the ht. it's let me know how lazy i've become on the fs though…..

    I'm currently riding a Cotic Soul, the ht 853 frame is fantastic you can feel it flexing and almost winding up to ping you forward. With a high roller on the back over rocky stuff it soaks up the bumpy stuff really well.

    I had a go on my old aluminum ht yesterday and it was no where near as good and comfortable as Cotic, defo recommend a 853 ht, beautiful. 😀


    just done first decent ride on my new soda, after 5 years on a maverick.

    the soda is lighter and is a great bike to ride. however the maverick climbed better, descended better, rode better on twisty stuff and, didn't hurt my back as much but to be fair it was a lot uglier

    as soon as i can i'll go back to full suss

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