Anyone going to Charlies Gravel dash at the weekend?

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  • Anyone going to Charlies Gravel dash at the weekend?
  • Premier Icon nedrapier

    We took an extra-social route on the first day: Shop – campsite – Square and Compass – Scott Arms – Square and Compass – campsite.

    I won the most exquisitely painful nettle stings I’ve ever had the fortune to experience, from a patch of max strength post-rain stingers. The result of an overly optimistic attempt to trials it up a steep little section of narrow, rocky, slimy path with a nettley drop to the right. I tottered on the brink for quite a while before I succumbed to gravity, falling in stages, backwards down the slope, at each pause thinking “I can rescue this!”.

    Nope. I went deep. Full coverage on the backs of both calves and right forearm. The venom worked itself down overnight past where I’d been actually stung and I woke up with pins and needles round my ankles and down the outside of my feet into my toes. Mmm-Mmmm. Still itchy.

    Sunday was great, we started together (if not last off, then pretty close) as a mixed group of new and old friends from different places, not all up for the full 100. We thought we’d figure out somewhere to part ways up the trail, but decided pretty quickly that we’d rather stick together and have a lovely day out than split up.

    We cemented the deal by leaving the route and stopping at the first cream tea shop that we found open – Past and Presents (great name!) by Lulworth Castle.

    The rebranded “Cream Tea Dawdle” then took us down to the beach at Lulworth Cove for stone throwing; up and over to the Sailors Return for pints, sandwiches, puncture repairs and chainring flipping, then back east on some absolutely primo trails – churny porridge in the woods, silage farmyards, first tracks push to re-establish a BW across a freshly ploughed field. Sarnies and snoozing under a tree, then back up over the top for some fun riding over and down to Corfe Castle. Breakfast baps, beer and teapot impressions in the Model Village courtyard where we said goodbye to David, over to the Square and Compass for a couple more before pootling back to the campsite. Quick change, then down to the pub to take ourselves off the Dead List. Curry.

    Well done everybody, especially Charlie and the Mongerettes, Gee for a pretty incredible showing Saturday and Sunday, and all the riders who went the distance.


    prizes surely go to the third placed guy who cycled down there from Northampton, won a pair of rims which he now has strapped to either side of his front wheel ready for the return trip but had managed to rearrange his face after riding into a tree on the campsite after a few beers

    what kind of idiot was that 😀

    Friday night firepit and beers was cool, and the food, oh! just superb thanks Ladies.

    Great event, fun route, the dice with the CX boys on my BurlyCross setup was ace fun. trying to gap them enough on the downhills before they powered past on the flat sections. Finishing in a pub was brilliant, such a great welcome for all the finishers, and good ale.
    Nice to meet some of you guys there, nice one Charlie.

    Me and rims got home OK,if a little wet. Now I’m destroyed.

    Premier Icon Argonaut

    Jack you made it back, amazing effort along with the scars to prove it!
    Ditto, cheers to Charlie for putting on a top event. Hope to be back next year.


    Anyone know where the ride pics are posted, I’m interested to see if my gurning on the last hill up from Harry’s Rock made the final edit.

    Charlie, this has to happen next year……..

    Premier Icon GDRS

    Hey I forgot to ask this on sat / sun but did anyone log / strava the ss weekend routes? Nice routes for a pootle on another occasion and I don’t quite trust my memory to replicate on an o/s map. Cheers.

    That’s a good link from Jo Burt, and Paul errington blogged it at alpkit too.

    Just had a stupid idea… Iceland has a road around its coast, its not Tarmac… Iceland gravel dash 1000?


    Doing the ride with a few people from the bear bones forum at the end of this month if anyone fancies it.

    Premier Icon Del

    that is a stupid idea.
    nice write up for an event i rubbed up against. 😉
    you got any ‘kills a kitten’ stickers left? i need a couple…

    Premier Icon epicyclo

    charlie the bikemonger – Member
    …Just had a stupid idea… Iceland has a road around its coast, its not Tarmac… Iceland gravel dash 1000?

    Suitably bonkers. Yes please.


    Would be allowed under my 1 international epic a year rule!


    Well if this could happen again later this year I’m deffo IN. 8)

    The Iceland 1000 sounds on the face of it a bit of a challenge to do in a day, dunno just think out loud 😆

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