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  • Anyone getting lockdown riding blues?
  • Premier Icon belgianwaffle1
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    I think I’m going to start riding up and down hills for some proper XC training with the motivation of being as fit as possible for big days in the Surrey Hills. I also have a few mtb related items in the post so looking forward to those. Might just have to accept that no serious riding is going to happen until march.

    Premier Icon stcolin
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    1000%. I need to drive at least 12 miles to get to the edge of the Peak District. Mid December was my last MTB ride. I hope the motivation returns at some point. I’m not holding out much hope.

    Premier Icon tjagain
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    I have even found some more local trails due to lockdown riding

    Premier Icon madhouse
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    I got the OS Maps app and paid the £18 for an annual subscription (£5 off online via their website, app store didn’t have the offer).

    That’s helped me find some new-to-me local routes and the planning can easily kill an hour or two as well too.

    Premier Icon 13thfloormonk
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    The CX bike has been a blessing, anything can be fun on skinny tyres if you just pedal hard enough. Lots of local muddy field edges and quad bike tracks in forests (I think to access pheasant feeders) have become my playground.

    Am properly missing a bit of adventure though, even relatively un-exciting destinations are starting to seem tantalisingly remote, I’ve never yearned so much for a visit to the dripping conifer plantations of the Ardgartan Peninsula…

    Meantime at least the road bike offers some relief, can legitimately feel like I’ve had a big day out whilst staying within guidelines and not doing anything naughty, just a shame even the takeaway coffee joints will probably be closing their doors now 🙁

    Premier Icon vmgscot
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    It’s actually got me exploring local ‘tame’ loops more to keep a modicum of fitness. The recent weather has also allowed rides on old mining/forest tracks that are usually a no go due to mud.

    But, and I know this is a complete first-world problem, I really missed the annual 3 week ‘road-trip’ – was supposed to be exploring riding spots through Tennessee, Carolinas, Virginia with the GF – and I don’t see it happening this year either so likely turning into a 60th birthday jaunt.

    Premier Icon BillOddie
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    Warwickshire is pretty lacking in excitement at the best of times but it’s been a slog of a mud hell hole

    It also seems to me that the mud is made worse by the massively increased footfall since the pandemic began. I’ve ridden the local bridleways for more than 30 years, and I don’t think they’ve ever been like this. Trails that used to be a metre wide with a few tyre tracks are now 3 metres wide and the tyre tracks are obliterated by the footprints. Routes where I might have expected to meet a handful of people on a sunny Bank Holiday I now meet 30 or 40 people when it’s freezing fog and -2. It’s great that more people are getting out there, but it’s not without consequences.

    See also Leicestershire.

    I rode quite a lot during Lockdown 1.0, all local and generally first thing in the morning to avoid the literal crowds heading out in the sunshine.

    The trails (mostly cheeky/not on the map/etc) round my way are now a quagmire and still busy.  I have come to the conclusion it’s just not worth hassle and clean up.

    I might bust the drop bar bike out in a month or so when it’s not 3C and grim.

    Premier Icon hooli
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    Not so much the lockdown blues but the “everything around me has turned to gloop blues”. Add in the dark and wet and its just meh.

    Premier Icon naffa
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    I havent ridden properly since October last year. I had an operation and havent yet recovered enough. Add into that infections post op, a son with Covid so I have had to isolate and then last night the wife tested positive so have to isolate again. Actually thought about selling the bikes due to lack of use and not being able to ride in the foreseeable future.

    Premier Icon chrisdb
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    I actually find that being able to do a road/gravel ride to get out of the house and some head space actually motivates me to get outside in this weather where in previous years I might not have bothered. If I only did MTB it would be pretty grim.

    Premier Icon core
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    Yep, can’t be arsed at the moment, as much as I want and need to ride. Last January I rode a lot, lost weight, got a lot fitter, even in the slop, but I’ve moved so don’t have anything worth riding on my full sus (only MTB) from the door, and I can’t face the hassle of taking the bike in the car when it’s so muddy. I have a few places within what I think are a reasonable distance to drive for a ride, but until the weather improves and days get longer I shan’t.

    I have a gravel bike and a few decent off road options for that locally though, so really need to get my arse in gear and ride that. I know I’ll be really keen after a couple of rides and it’ll do my mood no end of good. Lockdown, feeling fat, and a promising looking relationship not panning out are not overly motivating it turns out…

    Premier Icon captainclunkz
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    Yeah definitely. My local wood has turned into a slop fest due to the increased amount of people using it during the lockdowns. Before last year me and my trail building mates wouldn’t see a sole in there but now everybody in town is up there.

    Premier Icon thegeneralist
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    I feel so much better after reading this thread. I thought it was just me quietly going mad.
    I did loads of riding in 2020… a few century rides in the Peak and some gems in the Lakes, ‘gorms and Torridon.

    I tried to keep riding through autumn into December, and even splashed a fortune on my dream bike (Occam). Did some pretty bad rides in November and then some utterly shit ones in December culminating in some godawful slopfest round Whinhill and The Beast at night on my own. In the end I gave up and stopped after the first 11km loop.

    Not been out since and have no real intention to go out. Couldn’t work out what it was and even regretted buying the new bike.

    But what y’all are saying really suggests that the problem really is the nightmare trail conditions at present. Unprecedented. Despite MTBing for over thirty years I can’t really recall being bothered by mud in the past, but that was presumably because I would have done a bit of climbing, skiing, kayaking etc or gone to a trail centre.

    None if that it possible now. It’s slopfest or nowt.

    So much want to cycle in the Lake District.

    Premier Icon iainc
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    very much so here too.

    I can’t go to my usual riding places as they all require a drive. Local off road stuff can be accessed within my own Local Authority here in Scotland but its very limited, couple of country parks and a windfarm, all of which are rammed full of people. Local roads are great to ride but not in the winter mank, ice and snow.

    Haven’t ridden since early December 🙁

    Premier Icon ossify
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    Same as many above – not so much the lockdown as I have local spots, more the weather and/or darkness that is causing the bikelessness.

    Normally I quite like winter (well, if it’s properly cold and snowy, not so much the regular boring Manchester winter) or at least can tolerate it easily. This year I find myself really longing for the sun to come back… give me some light and nice weather, enough of this constant coldish sog!

    Thinking about it properly now for the first time I realise it’s on my mind more than I realised and is actually getting me down quite a lot this year. 🙁

    I NEED TO GET OUT! Whether it’s biking or just sitting on a mountaintop in the Lakes or somewhere I don’t care, just need to get out and away in the middle of nowhere!

    Premier Icon P-Jay
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    Frist lockdown was pretty good from a riding point of view, the weather was mostly great and whilst I missed my favourite trail centre rides, it was a mix of longer XC style riders and some cheeky local stuff on dry, warm days. I took a couple of night rides and it was a really welcome break from the stress and worry about Covid and all that went with it.

    Things are very different now, I went out last night, it’s freezing, I got soaked and spent an hour sliding around in mud that’s the usual suburban mix of rubbish and dog shit.

    What makes it worse I’ve got an operation in 2 weeks or so, I’ve got to isolate before and it’ll be at least 6 weeks post op before I can ride, so after this weekend it’ll be mid-march before I can ride again.

    Premier Icon monkeyboyjc
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    Work (and Covid lockdowns) mean I’ve ridden less than ever….. It sucks. Now getting the motivation to go out is seriously hard, on my own, unfit, in the rain etc….

    Premier Icon pennine
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    After 30+ yrs of mtbing I bought an e-bike for my 73rd birthday just before lockdown 1. It’s been an absolute winner during the last 9 months. I set myself a radius of 10 miles from home and have covered almost 2000 miles and never exceeded that limit. I can do so many variants on a ride I wouldn’t bother with on my normal bike. Had a good ride in the snow this morning without killing myself trying to climb in 4″ of snow.

    Premier Icon militantmandy
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    I managed loads of riding last year. During the first “no-travel” lockdown I did all my local rides. Then between waves got in a few uplifts and trips up north including an absolutely incredible run at Torridon. But, now we’re being told not to leave LA area, I’m pretty stuffed as there is sweet FA near me. So definitely feeling it now. Trying to work on skills, do corner drills, learn to ride clips, whatever else I can think of to mitigate against the crap trails and weather.

    Premier Icon thegeneralist
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    How did I not know that getting an ebike was the answer to lockdown and shit weather. 🙄

    Premier Icon DezB
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    How did I not know that getting an ebike was the answer to lockdown and shit weather.

    I reckon I’ll be on one well before I’m 73!

    Premier Icon pennine
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    I reckon I’ll be on one well before I’m 73!

    Long time back sufferer so had to wait for the Levo SL else I would have too 🙂

    Premier Icon 2tyred
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    Honestly no.

    Missed the CX season – the social side, the training focus and sheer fun of it, but this WFH all the time/mandated local exercise business is suiting me just fine. My work is currently big on encouraging a proper lunch break, so no meetings between 12.30 and 2.30 without a pretty good reason which is ensuring I’m getting out for a decent ride in daylight every day of the week. I don’t mind riding at night, but daytime is so much better.

    The key for me is mixing it up. Today I was out on the winter roadie for the standard crap-weather hour and a bit loop, roads were fine and I was well wrapped up so it was ace, despite the constant sleet. Other days this week I’ve been out on the CX and the SS MTB as well, on hilly, less tech, gravelly stuff. The recent snow’s been brilliant to ride in.

    Got three local techy spots all in the LA area, all about a 15 min ride away, which has been a lifesaver in All This and I’ve discovered loads of wee extra bits at them, and done a bit of digging and repairing too. There’s a few more spots a stone’s throw into the neighbouring LA areas as well.

    In the Before Times I didn’t feel like I got much leisure riding time that was just for me, between commuting/coaching/racing/general getting-about, so I’m still very much enjoying what feels like way more time on my bike, but which is probably about the same amount (if that makes sense).

    Definitely feel faster, but the absence of racing to disabuse me of that notion might have something to do with that!

    Premier Icon Dogsby
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    I preferred the last lockdown as I live on the edge of Cannock Chase and the carparks were shut and therefore the trails were totally empty. It was a bit like 28 Days Later sitting on a picnic bench with a flask of tea in an empty carpark that would normally be mobbed: lovely. The trails are definitely quieter now but still busy in parts and folk are still driving to get there.

    However, the crap weather is not helping!


    Premier Icon Mackem
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    I live only 20 minutes in car from Dalby Forest – but that’s a no-no.
    Not actually many local trails and those few are mud-fests. Just road riding at the moment.

    Premier Icon JonEdwards
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    I’m finding mixing it up is just about keeping stuff fresh – road, gravel, little mtb, big mtb. I’m un(der)employed at the mo, so riding is something to fill empty days with, whilst keeping me some loose form of sanity.

    There’s been the odd deathmarch ride, but I’ve been surprised quite how many, even when the weather is against me, bring out something unexpected and wonderful. Even some horrible windy, wet, frankly miserable road rides have had the odd glimmer of joy. Living on the edge of the Peak District helps, plus being a little elastic with the definition of “local”

    Then there’s the snow rides, which over the last fortnight have been simply wonderful…

    <<edit – so how are you supposed to insert Insta images these days?>>

    Premier Icon VanHalen
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    i’m struggling – but mainly as working from home with the kids home schooling means i cant sneak out for the odd hour ‘commuting’ (my office is 5 mins from the trails) or at lunch, or on my day off. i’m stuck with night riding which is OK but not the same… that and the local trails are a total bogfest has even brought me to teh point of considering the road bike * only considering though – i’m not that bad just yet!

    Premier Icon chestrockwell
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    Yeah, really bashing me atm. Can’t go far but all the local trails are a ice death trap, as are the roads so no enthusiasm for getting the bikes out or go running. Too cold to tinker in the garage so seem to spend all my time working/cooking/cleaning/entertaining without much ‘out’ for me. Not the end of the world but feeling a bit ground down this week tbh.

    Premier Icon DezB
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    I dun a lunchtime roadie on my Tripster today!
    Nipples were like bullets, but it was lovely to get out in the sunshine. I can smile now 😬

    Premier Icon Northwind
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    Full Member

    It also seems to me that the mud is made worse by the massively increased footfall since the pandemic began

    No doubt at all. I’m sure some places will be doing better than usual- honeypots that don’t have floods of tourists- but where the people are, everything’s getting hammered, and naturally that’s where most of us are too.

    But it was also a proper shitty wet late autumn and winter. And I think not much in the way of wind this winter which usually helps dry stuff out

    Premier Icon yourguitarhero
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    Aye me. Living in the middle of a city, I have to cycle quite far to even get off-road and what there is is not exactly exciting.

    Having been off work since March 2020, I am sick to death of my local area. Did get a couple of nice long bikepacking trips in in summer though – really want to get back on that again!

    Premier Icon halifaxpete
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    Loads on the doorstep but its all slop (chance it’ll be frozen ice/snow this weekend though) So local solo’s are pretty boring at the moment. Still, Keeps the legs spinning!

    Premier Icon Klunk
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    it’s the fish nor fowl weather endless wet/damp between 1 and 5 degrees getting me down had a few days of semi frost last week, nothing on the horizon slightly warmer but rain forecast every day for 2 weeks.

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