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  • Anyone flew with bikes on easyjet recently
  • aftershock

    I think sporting equipment refers to golf clubs, skis etc, Bikes are listed separately.


    ime bikes up to 30kg are separate from your luggage allowance. you just have to pay the fee for each direction of the trip.

    Going away next week to Spain and have looked on Easyjets website which seems to have conflicting info for taking bikes

    Sporting equipment
    Payment of the additional fee increases your checked-in hold baggage allowance (including additional item) to a maximum weight of 32kgs.
    Where your total checked-in hold baggage weighs more than 32Kgs, normal excess baggage charges as set out above shall apply in addition to the above fee.

    I am taking an orange 5 which according to that will take more than half my allowable weight
    Then when I read further down this statement is made

    Passengers travelling with bicycles are recommended to check-in 2 hours prior to departure. Bicycles are subject to the sports equipment fee and exempt from any excess baggage charges relating to the weight of the bicycle.

    I am not really sure what to read out of that lot so if anyone has used them recently can you let me know how you got on.
    Thanks Mark

    Premier Icon coolhandluke

    You are allowed up to 50kg but no single item can be over 32kg.

    You need the t and c’s and carrier terms to fish this information out though.

    Premier Icon crazy-legs

    Bikes count as their own baggage so you pay whatever the fee is for “1 bike bag” and that is allowed to weigh up to 32kg. You then have your normal hold baggage, hand baggage etc on top of that.

    I flew with them last week (as well as many times before) and I’ve never had a problem with EasyJet. Last week’s trip was very smooth, bikes were waiting for us almost before we came through passport control, all bikes survived fine with no injuries!

    In theory, you’re only supposed to have the bike in the bag but I’ve always filled it with clothes, tools, helmet etc and never been questioned over it.

    It’s worth printing out the T&C’s from EasyJet’s website and highlighting the bit about bikes though, just in case.

    Cheers guys, T and c’s have been printed out and the bikes have been booked in and paid for, I was just after some reassurance.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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