anyone fitted 700c wheels to an mtb frame and did it work?

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  • anyone fitted 700c wheels to an mtb frame and did it work?
  • The mechanic at my old LBS had fitted 700c wheels to a hardtail MTB frame but he had welded something onto the dropouts. Always seemed a bit like a faff to me but he liked the novelty. Hope you get sorted.

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    Olly to the forum please…(he’s put 700c on a 26er Inbred without any issues)

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    Yes, and yes it did work, but it was with rigid forks and CX tyres though.


    A few people used to ride cross in the North West some years ago running 700c wheels on a mtb. Had to use MTB hubs for spacing and a convertor that allowed use of rim brakes with MTB brake bosses.

    Obviously the braking issue can be overcome with discs.

    29er wheel at the front, same with the CX tyre at the back. Kinesis XC Pro2 frame with a rigid Salsa fork.

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    I am debating the same issue as I am thinking of turning my SS into a geared tourer/winter/adventure bike. I want to run full mudguards as well so not sure whether to stick to 26″. My question at the moment is fitting a full mudguard to a Pace RC30. Some sort of “P” clip should sort me for the drop out position fixing. Just wondering if I can come up with something better than cable ties. Plus if I went this route and kept to 26″ wheels and guards there is going to be a big gap between the fork crown and the mudguard.

    Any thoughts people?

    Larger front wheel? Both WCA and I have made 69ers but his is fixed and mine singlespeed. I have used a variety of frames, On-One 456SS being the most not-so-sbvious.


    would like to try and fit some 700c/29er wheels to my Giant XTC for more ‘hybrid’ use .. anyone tried something similar & how did you get on?


    and one i made earlier as well – quite an old trek frame (usa easton ali’ £30 ebay) designed for rigid forks CX forks on front, v boss to canti adapter on rear


    Ooh I feel another ‘what’s the difference between an 29er MTB and a cyclocross bike coming on again!

    700c and “29er” wheels are identical BTW.


    Just ordered a 29er for this, will spend 1/3rd of the time running road wheels. going to run discs to get over the brake issues.


    I tried a 700 on my rigid inbred – seemed to work ok for the couple of rides it was there

    SS69er rigid innit – fat back – tyre thin front

    I fitted a CX tyre to a big wheel and shoved it into a standard fork (Bomber) to give me a 67er. It worked fine and pissed off purists but then I noticed the amount of wear on the fork cross brace. not sure if it was the tyre or the crap being rubbed against it.

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    Yeah, I’ve got Mavic Speedcity 700c wheels on my Inbred currently with 28mm tyres but happily fits 35mm with no clearance issues.

    Currently running an On One Carbon 26″ rigid 445mm A-C fork with masses of room for any tyres.


    My Old Lucky Strike – With 700c Wheels on..

    and with 26″ wheels on..

    Plenty of room on there then and with the disks it was very easy to swap between the two. Sadly gone but was a great bike (now have seperate road & mountain bikes)

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    works fine

    DSCF0008 by rOcKeTdOgUk, on Flickr

    DSC00069 by rOcKeTdOgUk, on Flickr


    this is brilliant …… thanks to all …. suitably inspirational.
    think I’ll keep it disc to avoid over complicating things.


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