Anyone fancy a ride in the Dales on the 5th April?

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  • Anyone fancy a ride in the Dales on the 5th April?
  • I was meant to be doing the Wildcat 100 but it’s been postponed so thinking about a loop of the 3 Peaks, does anyone fancy coming along?


    If it had been the Sunday then I think I would have joined you, but I do have to ask if you are able to ride your suggested route around those 3 peaks??

    I haven’t looked at your link as it wouldn’t open on my phone!!


    I’d want to do that after a very very dry period or on a day that was frozen. Certainly the last few k. I’d also do it in the opposite direction but the I’m fussy. It will be a good route mind if you like a bit of a bike push before a great down.

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    As above, first 3/4s of your route is very all weather. I’d probably continue along the Cam High Road all the way down to Bainbridge and go over the Stake from there. The descent to Hawes is OK, but nothing special.

    Going up over Horse Head is a bit of a hideous, tussocky, slog, push and carry, although the descent is good. Foxup Road (the last bit over next to PenyGhent) will be a bog in places – I usually save it for a dry spell. The alternative to all that is to head over to Litton from Buckden instead, take the BW climb up to contour along the side of Fountains Fell then cross the road and head over down towards Helwith Bridge. Better riding in mixed conditions, IMO, probably quicker than your way.

    Even easier is to just carry on up past Hubberholme until it turns into forestry track which leads to BW straight to Horton.

    Not sure how any of that can be described as a tour of the 3 peaks, mind you!


    Did this route last year but:
    – As above went via Bainbridge not Hawes which is much better.
    – The WMB route misses out Buckden Rake and uses the road to descend to Buckden. Use Buckden Rake instead as it’s a great little descent (mind the walkers….).

    Horse Head east to west is indeed a slog up; it is actually better the other way as it is then all rideable.
    Foxup Road was fine when I did it (September) and you may be pleasantly surprised (or not).
    To make it a true 3 peak tour, extend by going north from Horton to the PBW, follow south and then to Clapham, road/track to Ingleton, BW north along east flak of Whernside, down to Ribblehead, up Blea Moor Road and take huge track (Dales Way) to Cam End.

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    This has inspired me to plot out a ‘proper’ Yorkshire 3 Peaks challenge ride that rides close to all three by the best route. Would need to include the descent off the flank of Whernside from Dentdale.

    Basically Horton-Foxup-Horse Head-Beckermonds-Cam High-Newby Head-Arten Gill-Dent-Blea Moor-Ribblehead-Twistleton-Ingleborough!

    Can’t stick the exact route up here on account of the cheek, but it’s 43 miles and 6800ft of ascent, and virtually no pushing/carrying – with a couple of potential bail-outs using the railway. Definitely going on the list for this summer.

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