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  • Anyone ever use Glasses DIrect?
  • Boba Fatt

    That basically

    I have an offer code to use before Friday, they’ll send me the frames to try on or I can straight up order a couple of pairs but they offer refunds if they’re not liked or don’t fit correctly

    Just wondering if I should use them or pony up the cash to Specsavers (even though they seem massively overpriced in comparison)

    Yes. Great concept, well executed!


    I got my current glasses from them. Pair of titanium framed half rim ones (thin lenses with all the coatings) and some sun glasses. It came to £142 all in and I got £8 back through Quidco (despite using voucher codes). Can’t fault the service or price tbh.

    Premier Icon Tiboy

    yep, agree with the above, just got two pairs from them, quicker than expected and good quality for the price (I bought cheapo ones as my 3yo sits on them regularly…)


    Yep. Lots. Great company IMO.

    Bought some flimsy and I mean very slender/frail all plastic glasses from them. Faceplanted in them etc. Still going v.strong one year on. Ive not even gone near the free second pair.

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