Anyone ever hated their new bike/frame after purchase?

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  • Anyone ever hated their new bike/frame after purchase?
  • heisenberg

    Nukeproof mega here.. Wife bougt it last xmas.. Tried to like it..but just cant get on with it..or maybe too much for cannock chase (my local ride) ..glad i have the Anthem to play with .. Just have to bring myself selling the nuke really. Anyone? Its small frame 2012 mega ..only selling frame and fork.

    Premier Icon accu

    never hated one…
    but my chameleon (with the excentric BB) never felt right…
    tried everything…sold it after 6 months…
    perfect frame…just not for me..

    Premier Icon coolhandluke

    I hated my 2010 Enduro. I was made up when I sold it, I actually felt like id ripped off the unfortunate buyer of it on Ebay, not that there was anything wrong with it, it was just wrong for me.

    It was great in a straight line blast but crap in tight twisty stuff,. As it was my Alp bike, it took me three holidays to realise it was the bike and not me.

    Premier Icon postierich

    Whyte46 it tried to kill me several times, so much so I went back to basics and bought a rigid SS which I rode for 3 yrs until my body hurt

    Premier Icon slowboydickie

    Scott spark 920. Got it out of the box, didn’t like it so repacked it and sent it back the next day. Bought a 2nd hand Epic 29er to replace it and love it. Oh and then there was the Tallboy.


    Never really “hated” one that I can remember. I just get used to whatever frame/forks I’m using.


    I am still not 100% sure about my five.
    I love it when it is not trying to kill me, but as soon as I think that maybe we are starting to make friends it blinking tries to kill me again.

    Last time it got rid it bashed my head off the ground and left me with a banging headache for three days.

    Premier Icon Mugboo

    Marin Wolf Ridge 08, bargain from whinstanleys in 2010, heavy & slow uphill but for some reason it didn’t inspire me downhill 🙁 Maybe it had shock problems?

    I sold a Hemlock to make room for the Wolf Ridge and regretted it till I bought a heavily discounted 2011 Nukeproof Mega frame but these definitely need either a shock tune or new shock to get the best out of them.


    Edit from my post above – flippin love it now, just needed actually taking off-road and given a thrashing lol… Think my initial problem was previously owning a Dekerf, an Indy Fab then a Sanderson – all Reynolds skinny steel.

    Premier Icon Chainline

    Evil sovereign. Just didn’t gel. Looked the business. Didn’t ride like that.


    Orange Crush. Too cramped (as no in between sizes between 17 & 19 so opted for the smaller one) and a really harsh ride…no alu hardtail for me again…steel or ti all the way.


    Another vote for my Dialled Bikes Prince Albert

    …and another. I’m only just looking at hardtails again now.
    I had a FSR $pesh which was bloody awful in many, many ways. I’ll never own another as long as I have a hole in my arse.


    I yearned for a Vassago Jabberwocky for ages. Moved all the stops to get one and avoid import duty too.
    Rode it, hated it
    Far too long, even for a 29er
    Back to the inbred and the Goose for me

Viewing 13 posts - 91 through 103 (of 103 total)

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