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  • Anyone ever been investigated in their job?
  • Premier Icon trusslebabes
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    Just been told today i am being investigated at work but not suspended. 😯 It will be an internal investigation but still not very nice to have to go through specially as i haven't been dishonest, anyone else been through something like this and what did you do?

    Premier Icon molgrips
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    Investigated for what? What line of work?

    Premier Icon saladdodger
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    Kangeroo court time 🙄

    So what did you do or not do then?

    Premier Icon amplebrew
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    Are you in a union or federation?

    If so, speak to them and seek advice.

    We have a federation in work who can make sure that the company is following the correct proceedure and treating you fairly.

    Also if they want to officially speak to you, they provide a fed rep to sit with you.

    Premier Icon 2hottie
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    I have, got fired then due to there error I got my job back. Ace. (I didn't want it back by the way) I was applying to other jobs in work time as well as looking at Uni courses which they also didn't take a fancy too. Call centres are shocking places to work. Glad I left in the end with a clean record and I'm at the end of my second year at uni. Good luck

    Ps it's not nice to be investigated tho feel for ya

    Premier Icon bigsi
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    Working in financial services we are constantly being "investigated" by compliance officers or the FSA.

    If you've done nothing wrong then you have nothing to worry about IMO.

    Premier Icon dmiller
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    Yes, was accused of theft. It later came out that the laptop i was meant to have stolen was never delivered and the reception staff signed it out to me to cover thier backs! Was 3 weeks of hell to be honest.

    Premier Icon iDave
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    i probably will be soon, unless i can bring myself to follow dreary processes and avoid independent thinking 😯

    Premier Icon GJP
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    One of my team was recently suspended. We just found out he has been charged with prostitution and human trafficking !!! Its always the quiet ones.

    Premier Icon ditch_jockey
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    It will be an internal investigation but still not very nice to have to go through

    Drugs bust by the sound of it! Make sure they warm the gloves before they come near you.

    Hope this works out okay for you BTW.

    Premier Icon smell_it
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    I have the odd trip to coroners court when things don't go to plan at work, and there is always an internal investigation in the run up to this. It's never good times, but providing I've done my job and covered my arse, it passes.

    Premier Icon bruneep
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    "It will be an internal investigation"

    You better lube up. 😯

    Premier Icon Zedsdead
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    "anyone else been through something like this and what did you do?"

    ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh yes.

    Just over a year ago. This place was my saviour.

    And it may be about to get even more interesting very soon……

    Premier Icon allthepies
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    Ah, I remember all that aggro Zed, not nice at all for you!

    Premier Icon epicyclo
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    Yes. After I exposed some corruption everything I did was subject to investigation. I was investigated 3 times on flimsy grounds – it was really harassment. My saviour was I kept a very detailed diary and had dotted every I and crossed every T. Was nasty for a couple of years. Union was no help, they seemed more concerned about the crooks. I left the job 3 years later when I realised there was more to life than work.

    You need to be tough, keep your mouth shut where necessary even under pressure and be prepared to bring in outside legal help.

    Would do it all again.

    Premier Icon samuri
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    Most companies have a fairly rigorous process to follow. Unfortunately, as we've seen here in the past, some companies have some pretty rubbish IT staff who haven't got a clue what they're doing, but who are believed anyway.

    I've carried out lots of (IT and security) investigations on staff in the past. If you're really worried email me on and I'll let you know what the general process is for a company who does things the right way.

    Premier Icon CountZero
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    Zed, I remember that, what a hell of a time you had, but I was amazed at how much help came from all quarters on this forum. I'm sure it'll help again here. Good luck, all.

    Premier Icon Expat
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    Havent had to put up with office crap for 25 years now (self employed) but in my last job an investigation would have gone something like

    Manager shouts accros Foundry Oy Cu*t did you make this?
    you reply – yea whats up with it?
    Manager shouts well Clock off and Fu*k off then!

    Problem sorted…..

    I guess that doesnt happen these days?

    Premier Icon zaskar
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    I was investigated once, I made an error on a system I was not familar with and had HO and my manager threatening me to be fired.

    I then complained I was not trained on the new system and was guessing.

    A likely story my manager said and what proof do you have?

    I printed out 60+ emails to tech, HR and my Line supervisor asking for training (as I was new) and gave it to my manager.

    They then said I had a 5 days to learn 6 weeks work (while at Uni and part time) I was grilled and passed by their HO tech.

    A week later my Manager was all friendly etc hello how are you…probably suprised I was still there.

    I said fine and here this for you, 2 weeks notice.

    Bunch of idiots trained their full time staff but not their part time staff!?

    Put part time staff on duty outside of normal hours of customers and business operations so they sat around doing nothing for hrs…brainz???

    Makes me laugh when I look at how some businesses are run.

    Premier Icon PracticalMatt
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    I've done investigations as an employer and as a fraud invetsigator.

    I'll help you out if you want advice on the interogation techniques etc.
    Eamil in profile.

    Premier Icon donks
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    I got investigated last year for a pretty stupid expenses claim….cant claim to be innocent but the upshot was that I got away with it by the skin of my teeth when they could not conclusively proove any misdoing. The process was however fairly gruelling and not one that i would want to repeat as for about 3 weeks I was on tenter hooks and convinced i was down the road.

    Premier Icon brakes
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    expenses claim? was it for a duck pond?

    Premier Icon donks
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    no just my second home….thank god for the bill of rights.

    Premier Icon TheSwede
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    Yep when I put 21 squares of laxative in a cup of hot chocolate and gave it to an annoying little scrote. He was off for three days with "an upset stomach" The inquisition was most amusing as the management couldnt stand the lad either.

    Premier Icon BermBandit
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    Company I used to work for got taken over by an American outfit. There was some suggestion of buyer backhanders, and therefore I was informally suspended for nearly 3 months, i.e. I had to come to work every day and then sit in my office and do nowt and speak to no one. At the end of that and having visited every supplier that I had been involved with they decided that I was the best thing since sliced bread, and then I left.

    My best advice would be to keep a contemperanious diary of everything. Ask for a witness to be present every time they speak to you. Keep as many records, including photos and tape recordings, as you can. (I can and will lend you a "dicatfone" if you need one). Once its all over go for em, (obviously presuming you are in fact innocent of whatever it is).

    The job and your place in the company is very likely to be fecked up anyway regardless of the outcome.

    Premier Icon Dylan08
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    I knew that you'd get caught for that gay porn eventually!! 😉

    Premier Icon trusslebabes
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    Thanks everyone for all your posts, i've got my interview in the morning at 9:30, its basically local government who i work for part-time and the management have messed up. Similar situation to Zaskar, being dumped with work i have not been trained to do and expecting far far to much from someone on a part-time basis. Its the management covering their arses, but with the evidence i have i am hoping they will see that they are bulling the wrong person and drop it after this interview/report. Union are coming to interview with me and they are hopeful of a positive outcome. They also found out that the type of suspension i am on doesn't exist which just sums my management up…………………clueless.

    Will post again when i know more thanks again take care of yourselves, and as my union guy says 'power to the people' 😆

    Premier Icon trusslebabes
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    Oh i just realised i hadn't said that they suspended me a week after telling me i was being investigated because in that week i went and asked for help from my manager. This was then used as evidence against me that i was not safe to do my job 🙄 It should be good tomorrow i reckon when i drop bombs all over their flippin accusations!!

    Premier Icon TandemJeremy
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    Have fun and good luck.

    it can be rather entertaining when management F up on this sort of thing – if you discount the stress. Ask themn for proof that they trained you to do the job. In local government there will be procedures to follow and I bet they have not done so.

    Have you ever had supervison sessions or apparisal?

    Good luck!

    Premier Icon saleem
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    Good luck

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