Anyone else want a mentally bad winter?

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  • Anyone else want a mentally bad winter?
  • iDave

    I enjoyed the very minus snowpocalypse last year. Bring it on.


    Mentally bad?

    Oh Dave!


    You, sir, are either a lunatic or a majority shareholder in British Gas.

    Well, anything other than the mentally underwhelming summer we’ve had. Basically a break in the rain and wind would be nice…

    (there’s been plenty of nice weather about I’m sure, just not whenever I went to the hills… πŸ™ )

    Yes please! Got a chest freezer as well now so even more prepared… Still need a decent sledge though…

    Premier Icon v8ninety

    Apart from the heating bill and frozen pipes aspect, yeah!!!! Bring it on!!!

    Premier Icon seosamh77

    Less ice mind you, but aye kinda agree, it was good fun i thought, commuted though the worst of it! πŸ™‚

    Premier Icon Woody

    Yup. Renewed my local ski club membership and got the snow tyres ready to go on.

    Can’t wait πŸ˜€

    Absolutely – bring it on! I want proper cold, blue skies, thick frost and deep snow.

    Then a nice warm spring and a proper summer please!


    Want to go skiing so yes

    Want to shift a land rover so yes

    Dont want to replace it till summer so no

    Want to get the fat bike out in the snow so yes

    Hvnt got room to hwve it at the house atm ( between houses in a pokey cottage) so no πŸ™

    Want to get the log burner on so yes πŸ™‚


    cold and sunny, possibly with snow, yes

    wet and grey, no

    I’d be up for that. Already have a winter’s worth of well seasoned logs ready and I must say I really enjoyed the crazy walks to work in the snow, roads bereft of cars, music playing on my iPod. πŸ™‚

    just remind me to get a pond heater in time & I’d be up for that – working from home instead of slogging to Barnsley & back every day, I could live with.

    I lost 8 golden & blue orfes to a frozen pond last year. 3 shubunkins survived, they’re like small koi now.

    I like my frozen fish to come from the freezer & say “Birdseye*” on the packet

    *other brands of frozen fish are available


    Yes please. Moved recently to the top of a hill so plenty of reasons to get snowed in and sledge right down to the beach πŸ™‚

    don simon

    No! πŸ™
    Sierra Nevada in the morning and the beach in the afternoon would be quite nice though.


    Yeah, I kind of want to build a snowbike sledge thing.

    Ho hum

    Hated last winter and the winter before.

    I don’t mind an average winter, but the last two were mad.

    don simon

    I think if the country was geared up to dealing with snow it would be a much nicer experience.

    Premier Icon BadlyWiredDog

    Yes! Yes! Yes! Ice tyres biting on neve then starting to slip on the gradients when the temperature drops under -10?C or so. The clean bite in the air. The quietness. The warm hush just before it starts to snow. Skating over Cut Gate on Ice Spikers with the sun setting. Just brilliant πŸ™‚


    I really don’t agree with Dave on much but I’m with him on this one. Let’s ave it…


    XC skis waxed and ready. Bring it on.


    I’ll take some snow so everything looks nice and white. I’ll even accept traffic grinding to a halt so I can feel smug riding my bike and walking to the supermarket. But I’d rather not have it over a foot deep so it brings all my guttering down and causes a damp problem while it defrosts again.


    I’d be quite happy with some driving and riding in the snow but I’m just worried about other road user than aren’t that savvy in the conditions


    Bring it on…I’ve got my Larry ordered πŸ˜€


    Yes, why not … πŸ™‚

    Nope. Hoping for a nice mild one.


    Yes. Preferably extremely cold, awesome snow that’s about 2ft deep, with massive drifts for riding into and falling off. From end of October to end of February.

    Premier Icon Northwind


    Though, last year was a wee bit too much snow, wasteful- not to mention making it hard to get anywhere to ride, and making so many trails impassable.


    The colder and snowier the better as far as I’m concerned. Every time it happens my mountain bike mileage goes up, ’cause I love it!


    yes please….

    the farmer has cleared his crop of sweetcorn and there is now a 5kmx6km uninterrupted stretch of pancake flat field, devoid of hedges, pylons and road that is waiting to be cut up by me, the snow board and my kite.

    sod work. sod the buses, the trains and the schools (however, i’m in bavaria so they’ll all work). i get to go skimming across virgin snow unused by anyone other than the morons with their cross-country skis.

    [/url] DSCN0182 by sod_the_taxman, on Flickr[/img]

    UK Powder Days, kicker sessions and having a 4wd this year = πŸ™‚

    Getting stuck offshore, ferrying the GF to work and sheet ice cycle paths = πŸ™

    Alpin – how long does it take to pick up kite boarding on snow? Is it essential to have lessons like the aquatic kind? (for someone who can already snowboard)


    No, ‘cos some old people will get hurt and some will die. Also there’ll be more potholes that’ll spoil the Surrey roads even more.

    Premier Icon bajsyckel

    Don’t you mean a ‘mentally good‘ winter?


    @ oliver…..

    no need for lessons, but best to learn how to fly a kite whilst not attached to a board. and even when you do get onto a board best not to be on one that you can’t bail from.

    no need for lessons when kite surfing either. i managed it, but i had a lot of experience with a landboard on grassy fields and sand.

    start with a smallish kite. ~3m squared and learn how it behaves in the wind. progress from there. don’t forget to use safety gear – most importantly kite-killers; they’ll stop the kite from flying off if you let go (you will let go when you get caught out).

    Premier Icon molgrips

    I frigging love the cold, and I love snow. If it happens again I am definitely buying some XC skiis – sorry alpin πŸ™‚

    I have some brand spankers crampons, gimme the good sh*t!

    Here’s something to get you in the mood:



    Yeah why not. If we’re to have four seasons at least make them different from each other.


    This is a photo from this morning at the Roundhouse Lodge I think, top of Whistler mountain. Kind of sad that bike season is coming to an end but if I manage to get a job and stay for winter, I think learning to snowboard will be awesome!



    my studded bike tyres have cost around Β£20/ mile so far.

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