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  • Anyone else trying to avoid work?
  • Okay so I have 18 days off as I’m on study leave for an exam 2 weeks today! I’ve been working hard since 01st October and now I’m quite bored and finding it hard to be motivated even though I know I’m on the downhill slope! Anyone else similarly bored?

    I have resorted to cleaning the kitchen from top to toe and even gonig to Tesco for a “trip out”!!! Anyone doing other things they wouldn’t normally to do avoid work/study!? I’m sure there’s lots of you out there…

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    I’m trying to *find* work!!

    I’m at work! pretending to work…


    I’m trying to look busy, then hopefully no one will talk to me.

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    I’m not at work.


    I’ve got a ton of dissertation work to do, for some reason I’ve decided that my bikes need cleaning and all the tyres need changing


    stocktake today so as i do mine daily it took 10mins yesterday and now found myself with a free day to get up late and clean bikes

    I’ve just had 20 days off

    back to work tomorrow

    i’m scared

    Havent worked since Jan14th due to a hip op, bored now.


    No, I’m off with a bad back and severely bored!

    i’m meant to be reading some anthropology bullsh*t, then writing an essay plan for some management BS, before starting to plan a 7000 word sustainable development essay.
    i also need to email my landlord, go to the bank, sort a courier for a bike frame, and probably do a whole lot of other stuff too.

    i’ll start in a min…


    I’m trying to get paid for some work.

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